High school football manager with Down syndrome scores TD, mother with terminal illness watches

Robby Heil, a senior with Down syndrome, has been an integral part of Novi Wildcat athletics for the last four years.

“You mean a lot to this team, I’m serious you’re a big part of this,” fellow senior Anthony D’annibale said on the sideline to Robby, right before his big moment.

And tonight they proved it. In the second quarter against South Lyon East, play was suspended, as Robby, the water boy, entered the game.

Just like they practiced, Robby got the hand off, and saw nothing but green in front of him.

Touchdown, Wildcats.

But the scene on the sidelines is what takes your breath away.
Robby’s mother, Debbie, who is terminally ill with bone cancer, got to see her little boy live his dream. This type of joy, is overwhelming.

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  1. Will Cook

    The other team was awesome for being so excited for their opponents

  2. melissa oiler

    Justin Pullin

  3. BillyAlabama

    Lots of heroes on that field. Beautiful.

  4. Siddles Best

    that was awesome but I feel so bad for his mom also tho!!!

  5. Dustin Harrison

    When the little moments in sports are more important than a Championship can ever be!

  6. jim jamieson

    This is a great story. To sad to see the news station takes credit for airing it. no you say? Why during the intro did they show the touchdown before they even mentioned the young man?!?. such a great story and they to focus on them then "threw it back" to the audience. such a shame and sham.

  7. Corey Ohlinger

    But it was 7-7 who won't be game

  8. Matt Smith

    Who in the world would give this a thumbs down?!?

  9. Barry Holiday


  10. Carrie James

    Nice 👍. 🙂

  11. Mark Smith

    Amazing. Thank you both teams. True sportsmanship

  12. Eric Paul

    Ain't it great i love good news video's

  13. OhBabyImAlmostReady

    God bless them

  14. bowl now

    I got no onions anywhere in my house and all the sudden the water works are on full blast.

  15. DS Symonds

    "Straight out of a movie script" is right. Scripted, planned, nothing actually earned or achieved and a bunch of idiots standing around pretending so they can 'feel good' about him "achieving" absolutely nothing.

  16. Hanna Kliethermes

    Super sweet

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