Heartbreaking Moments In Football

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🎧— Ru Frequence – Eutanasia – https://youtu.be/8iDStFNWd_o
🎧— Sad background music -NCS

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  1. DavAm7

    Like = Respect 👍🙏💔

  2. Vasily Kokhanets

    That's to sad about Sala and Lester Owner. Rest in peace 🕊️🕊️🕊️

  3. Black is here

    Poor him 4:28
    he got something on his head

  4. nazanin hashemipoor


  5. Robinson Inyanji


  6. Christoffer Goth

    i am from denmark and i saw when eriksen fell down. that was SCARY!

  7. Beach_Volley

    Cool cool cool cool cool

  8. Ragieh Semine

    godbye maradona

  9. Mega Gamer 6000

    when I found out that vam dijk mom died I was heartbroken because I'm a Liverpool supporter

  10. Pauthak be

    What the fuck… background music…👎👎👎

  11. طه ياسين

    الله يصبرهم

  12. Mushes and gizzies adventures

    I'll always respect Defoe for what he did, before and after for the family, he payed for the funeral and gave family money and put Abit to cancer in children ….

  13. OK! But then again.

    No sympathy for Maradona. Drug taking, wife beating, football cheating, sour person that he was.

  14. Johann Turck

    Coach Died

  15. it's tsotne

    ვინ გარდაიცვალა?

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