Has the 2021 NBA Draft Class Been Underwhelming?

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In episode #244 we give our revisions to the NBA All-Star fan voting, discuss our current MIP pick, review the 2021 NBA draft class thus far, give our top 5 MVPs, and give our teams that will either progress or regress in the second half of the season.

Hosts: Joel Moran, River Brown, Andrew Velez, and Joel Dehls

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    the rockets really need a smart point guard. remember when Dennis Schroder was traded to the rockets, green's game gradually improved.. with the rockets being a young team and without a leader, especially a point guard, they were often left alone especially when the shot clock was running out and often the ball goes to green for a force shot… let's see when green's game matures…

  2. Henry

    Even after his rookie year, I was never that high on Scottie tbh. But all of you are overreacting way too much, bro is like 20 years old and having a sophomore slump. He could end up being a bum, but considering how high some of you once were on him, you should all be far more patient

  3. IamDajanae

    Scottie has been going great since his injury in November/December. Saying they’re underperforming because they’re not taking a 23 ppg leap is unfair to them. Every time I tune in it’s like a tik tok comment section with the takes they have

  4. Brian K

    Scottie is clearly better than Jalen Green 😂. And probably better than Cade too based on what we’ve seen. Mobley, Giddey, Franz and Sengun have been the most impressive. I still think it’s Mobley and Barnes and then the rest as far as future potential

  5. blue diamond gem

    Mobley and Giddey are gonna be best players I’m this draft.

  6. Itz Shadow

    Giddey averaging 20-8-8 in the last 5🫣

  7. 6IX5TAR

    Cleeeeep on giddey wow. He's playing so good. Looking better than Cade and Mobley/Green.

  8. yonis badar

    Nobody cares about efficiency if you are averaging 20

  9. yonis badar

    Sucks that Scottie won't be give chances like other players on other teams because he's in Toronto

  10. yonis badar

    Ain't no way he compared Scottie to MCW. Did y'all forget he has siakam Vanvleet Trent and Anunoby on his team?

  11. Ralph

    Joel is a true overreacter. His recency bias is insane! Davion on the dissapointing list but not on the “productive role players” list is crazy. Sac a top 5 seed all season and Davion a huge part of that. Kings are bottom 10 in defense and he’s by far their best defender so imagine if he wasn’t there. Davion not great offensively but he’s shooting over 46% which means he’s not hurting your team there and that’s a huge improvement from last season. How can he be in a disappointing list?? This is exactly the player everyone expected him to be! Then when u consider there were 6 busts drafted directly after Davion (Zhaire, Bouknight, Duarte, primo, etc) shows obviously that Sac made the correct pick and he’s been excellent for them. He’s better than Beverly now so how can that be his ceiling? He can improve his shooting and playmaking at any point, he’s only a sophomore. Plus if u follow Sac, he’s by far the hardest worker on that team

  12. MLG Highlights

    Should Dlo be traded update & should Ant be an all star

  13. Mr. Casey

    The Scottie Barnes criticism is a bit much imo, I don’t what type of leap y’all expected but he’s still a good player. His numbers are down slightly but I don’t think it’s fair to say he’s been underwhelming.

  14. ScoutWithoutClout

    For Pelicans, this class was pivotal. In Rd 1 got Trey Murphy who's a promising 3nD forward. In Rd 2 got Herb Jones who's an ultra talented defender & should be in the running for DPOY; he's like a modern Tony Allen. Undrafted got Jose Alvardo who's like Pat Bev with a shot. Although those are technically "role players" the fact that all 3 have embraced their roles, they've been big for New Orleans.

  15. Ba Zooka

    Jalen green: plays no defense AT ALL while scoring inefficiently (he’ll figure it out he’s top 4 in the class)

    Scottie: guards 1-5 at a somewhat decent rate and his playmaking has improved dramatically since last season (he’s a bust and isn’t top 4 in the class?)


  16. Ervo Gb

    Jalen be Fryin niggas he just gotta get his team more involved, u can’t be a Pg averaging 3 ast

  17. Pablo pablo

    I Am A Die Hard Raptor Fan And Was A Huge Scottie Barnes Fan Last Year, I Understand The Bad Play Since He Is Young but What I Cant Stand Is His Horrible Mentality, He Gives up When Things Doesn’t Go His Way, Constant Whining to Refs, Runs Around the Court With No Care…. Thats Not What Winners are Made Of🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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