Gymnast Vs Giant Football Player!

Payton Vs a Giant football player! Who will win the ultimate strength challenge?
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Jorginho and Oleksandr Zinchenko reflect on a dramatic win for Arsenal at Villa Park, with the former scoring a crucial third to seal the victory…

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  1. Sully Sisters

    Go Payton 😊

  2. Carmelita Katon

    I’m or biggest fan

  3. John d

    Please teach me how to do gimmicks

  4. Rachel Measures

    I don't know how you beat 250 pounds😯😯😯😯😯 it made me flip 🙃🙃🙃😯

  5. Saga Stormhower

    I believe in you, Peyton, you’re so strong

  6. EggBroMax

    I like how Ethan is in it

  7. the saif ninja

    I wish that you were small

  8. My Girls

    Peyton why would you even want to fight a football player

  9. Bobby Williams

    Tomorrow Morning Sunday 2

  10. Denver Wayne

    Payton good at Porsche up

  11. Reagan Mitra

    i love your vids!

  12. Raluca Dumitru

    I love u

  13. Stephen Frears

    I'm a fan of your YouTube content

  14. Xai Lee

    Ethan screams like a girl

  15. liliana almonte

    Payton you are really good congrats

  16. Jessica

    rudy is week payton is strong

  17. goated

    These two understand the game at the highest level it's a joy to watch such brilliant players they make it look effortless

  18. Neelkanth Vyas

    Arsenal's victory was fantastic😊

  19. ahmedalsharman

    Why Zinchenko is not fighting in war ?? Did the war ends??

  20. Amen Red

    Villa keeper isn’t world class ..doesn’t deserve to be fifa candidate. Totally out of nothing cost the team many goals


    Champion materials:
    Jorginho: Won UCL & UEL
    Zinchenko: Won EPL x4
    Arteta: Glad to have them =)

  22. Adekunle Ayomiposi

    Jorginho starting to step up big let’s pray he doesn’t come back to worse

  23. monkey

    Zinchenko is metsanauris

  24. DDChan

    Both Zinchenko and Jorginho are leaders.

  25. S D

    Prem sending Jorgingo a special gift after that opening comment

  26. anthony danyame abuah

    Jorginho has obviously not played in la Liga because that's actually the best league in the world not a league which has only one obvious winner for half a decade now

  27. Eric Edudzi

    Zynny is talking like A coach already while Jeoginho talk like a Captain

  28. Saul Goodman

    Jorginho goal! was def lucky

    Bro if the keep had gone to the right

  29. Alex Kamau

    They did what Nketiah couldn't do!

  30. Bendjoel

    Still can’t believe this guy wear arsenal batch on her chest rn. 😂

  31. Gunner For Life

    Never saw so much mentality intelligence on one video

  32. Arindam Buragohain

    Who's the interviewer? Those were some really bad questions to be asking..Does that feel like a significant win? Really?

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