Grambling vs. Jackson State: Two perennial HBCU powerhouses 💪 | College Football Live

Grambling vs. Jackson State: Two perennial HBCU powerhouses 💪 | College Football Live
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Christopher Smith Highlights

Georgia safety best db
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  1. Deirdre Young

    I hope they get better game announcers. These people need to do better.

  2. big662

    Jackson State by a 3 piece with fried okra and a lemonade no ice

  3. Beats4Life

    I think Jay should be removed from the booth and brought down on the sidelines. Keep Tiff and bring in an ex nfler on her side.

  4. Drequynn Rod

    As of now SCSU is The HBCU champs!! Until the next Celebration Bowl Jay Walker forgot that

  5. Franklin Koonce

    Coach Deion Primetime Sanders turns boys into MEN

  6. Franklin Koonce

    Coach Deion Primetime Sanders is the best coach in college football

  7. Franklin Koonce

    JSU is America's Team

  8. RespectMyNerdz

    I like how they limit the coverage on JSU or any other HBCU

  9. Elmer Dancy

    Tiffany Greene's voice makes my head hurt.

  10. DaBandCaamp

    Shout out to ESPN for the HBCU love

  11. TheMelloMan

    Another week with Jay Walker again 😑😑

  12. Gentle Gentleman

    Jay Walker is a SORRY HATER!!!
    His last comments on the JSU vs FAMU game about “Who does not care…. SCSU….” Was so terrible and biased and IGNORANT!!!
    Get off the air! Fire his as$ immediately. LOOSER and WANNABE!! You are so sad and prejudiced that any respectable broadcast agency should FIRE YOU IMMEDIATELY!!!

  13. Clint Westwood

    It’s a sad world we live in. We have a full section for just black colleges alongside black announcers black coaches etc. it’s like the whites want to stay over here and the blacks want to stay over there. America fucks

  14. Mike Davis

    The J all day and night

  15. RealBron03

    let's go JSU

  16. Dougie Fresh

    I'm glad we get a professional broadcast this week because last week they were broadcasting the JSU vs TSU game from a Metro PCS Android phone.


    This game is going to be packed.


    JACKSON STATE defense is historically good

  19. I.P. Freely

    Jay Walker is still a hater.

  20. Bellamafia Quackafella Records

    Lol “powerhouses”

  21. Otis Greer

    I think this defense might have been better than last year’s

  22. Aaron Alvarado

    Cowboys can get him to replace Wilson in free agency.

  23. Falconsfan1020

    Elite tackler. If he gets better in coverage he could be great in the NFL.

  24. Crispy

    I hope the Vikings find a way to get him in the draft this year🔥🔥

  25. Antonio Arenas Villanueva

    Future patriot

  26. Kevin Scott

    All Chris Smith does is make plays.Period.
    Any NFL team would be lucky to have this kid.Hell.These aren't even his best highlights.

  27. Nashville Tennessee

    He is definitely a beast. But is he as good as Shilo Sanders ?

  28. Lil Daddy Henry


  29. GreatnessInDaMakin

    That's my dawg

  30. Avonta Sweat

    Houston 5th round

  31. Fernando Hernandez

    What song is this??

  32. GNamedreagan

    Jets go ashes and add him to that elite Defense

  33. Chuck Lee

    Welcome to Carolina

  34. Lewis Family

    You say everyone is the best bruh lol

  35. Lewis Family

    You say everyone is the best bruh lol

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