Grading the Packers 2023 Night 2 Draft Picks


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On today’s show, Andy is joined by special guest Ben Fennell to break down the draft and review which Packers have a chance of making an impact right away. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Jose Reyes

    Really what good is it if you get 5 packer picks right or 0? That's doesn't really matter. You should keep your reviews of players and see how good you are at evaluating talent. That could be worth keeping a record at.

  2. David Brown

    Aaron didn't want Amari so he trashed him as a receiver. Amari didn't help himself by running the wrong routes

  3. Corey C.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see them bring big dog back to show these guys the ropes. Just need to Cut Tyler Davis and we’re cookin with gas.

  4. Corey C.

    Heard Washington had injury and character issues…

  5. 6F

    Luke likes to dive a lot 😂

  6. Trident Slayz

    Overall good draft i just think we should of gone with JSN in the 1st round.

  7. Dustin Lower

    My thing about amari was that he couldn’t run. A route in practice and probably dropped balls

  8. Dustino_Linguino

    As a beavers and packers fan, I’m very excited and confident to watch Luke develop into a solid player throughout the potential seasons

  9. bob mendez

    replays faster and bigger than his measurables I certainly wouldn't have taken them with the 50th pick but that's the douchebags you got running the show

  10. bob mendez

    there's only a finite amount of space on a football field the receivers and cornerbacks are a wash so why not get gigantic tight ends that can run faster than safety and linebackers and dominate that way instead

  11. bob mendez

    can't believe they didn't trade up in the second round and get mingo

  12. Clint Moses


  13. Ryan Stockley

    I like the way they are giving Jordan love loads of weapons but never did for years for A-Rod hmmm

  14. Tucker Christie

    I’m from Brookings, home of the Jackrabbits, know Tucker Kraft personally, you guys have a DOG, he is going to be an absolute unit, I’m super excited for you guys

  15. Mike Brown

    I did not like ( hated ) trading down from 42 with a Division Rival and again with the Steelers. I would have preferred a Trade down in Round 1 for a higher 2nd Round pick. Like the Saints 29 & 40 or Cowboys 26/58 or Jags 24/56, Bucs 19/50, etc. My real preference was trading up 4 spots to #9 an$ grabbing Carter or at least pick JSN. This stubbornness regarding WR is dysfunctional.

  16. Chef Turbo

    Reed is going to be a really good pro. He's underrated. Going into last year he was the best big 10 receiver outside of Ohio State. He was a better freshman than Skyy Moore at wmu. He was immediately the best receiver at MSU day one. Dude is clutch. Hes always open. Catches everything. Great YAC. Great returner. He was literally the most slept on player in this draft. I think its a great pick.

  17. Sports Trance

    As a Michigan state fan and a bears fan I hope Jayden Reed is like Jalen Raegor for the packers but preforms really well elsewhere

  18. BOB S

    Really think Kraft is the guy.

  19. Colin Doyle

    6:03 that moment made me chuckle Tom I think you have a really underrated sense of humor with quick little gags like that

  20. joy flow

    Musgrave was on trajectory to get around 800-900 yards last season before his injury (2 games he had about 170 yards). Oregon State was just beginning to use him as a primary target as you can see if you watch the Fresno and Boise game – he gets a lot of targets and was uncoverable. It just sucks that OSU didn’t feature him as much the year before since their offense operated differently and they didn’t realize how good Musgrave was yet.

    Luke is an ascending former multi sport athlete so I’m not worried about how well he’s gonna develop. He for sure has that attention to detail and will get better as a dual threat. Just wanna see him shift his mindset better when he goes from route runner to ball carrier – he doesn’t seem to turn that switch on to make a move aside from trying to run away from guys. Hopefully he learns from Kraft and finds how to be more creative after the catch. Lots to be excited about for him though nevertheless.

  21. tre

    Packers making stupid drafts again. They already have a defense. Gary and the 2 Georgia guys from last year draft plus other veterans. They need other areas. Could have picked a top tier QB, TE, etc. But once again lets not go offense. Lets not help Jordan Love. One you did go all in for offense, you picked the dud Love instead of WR for Rodgers. Idiots!!!! Packers upstairs are creatures of habit. Im glad my guy Aaron went to Jets, Im glad few Packers followed him. Im glad Jets got the best TE draft for Rodgers. Thanks Packers. You finally unofficially helped draft a stud offensibe player for Rodgers.

  22. Mr ABR the cat 🐈

    Sleeping on my man Sheed Walker

  23. otis

    Another Reggie White with the power to knock them over

  24. Mark Sawyer

    My impression of Wicks is, who is that QB throwing those dead duck passes to him all day long? Armweak…er Armstrong is his name I think, but I've never seen so many hospital throws, and Wicks was PUNISHED all season long. Jordan Love, how about we throw on time to this guy?

  25. Jeremy Schulthess

    I wasn't surprised at all that it was LVN that was the pick. The only player who I saw being picked instead of LVN was Gonzalez. Reasons are there isn't much value for WRs in R1 and this OT class was quite bad overall. Most if not all the top OT prospects are at best late R1 but mainly R2 prospects in a normal draft. Jones was the "worst" of the top 4 so he would have been an R2 in a normal year. Why would you want to take an R2 prospect at #13 overall?

  26. David Staudt

    LVN is a freak show waiting for the big top to open.

  27. Greg Ginter

    WR Ford-Wheaton, 6'4"/220lbs/41" vert/4.38 was a player the Packer's should've drafted instead of WR DuBose! At least add him to the UDFA list instead of shockingly low RAS guys across the board on our UDFA players. Just signed w/Giants!

  28. Chad Schuyler

    Against popular belief packers do not pick OTs in the first round. Go back to 2000 – 2022 QB =2 and OTs =2 in first round , same. OTs Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod. QBs Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love.

  29. Christopher Karlecke

    Friquen awesome stuff! I do think Elgton remains inside.

  30. Kevin House

    I'm really glad Ben likes our draft class, but why does he keep harping on the fact that Green Bay didn't fill holes through free agency? Doesn't he realize the Packers had almost no cap room available to do so?

  31. Al Flaskrud

    Andrew I have always heard you talk about it is so much more exciting or less people to go to mini camps can you tell me when the public can view mini camp because I kind of want to do that this year thank you

  32. Bryan Peterson

    DuBose looks good. Then again, I thought J'Mon Moore was going to be the steal of the 2018 NFL draft.

  33. Daren Beaudo

    Typical football conversation gold from Andy and Ben. I could watch this every day.

  34. Ty Willinganz

    I was ready for Ben to shit on this draft…. not the case, very hope inspiring

  35. Tom

    I really don’t think Jenkins is a left tackle. We will see

  36. SteelyPhil37

    Andy's had Ben on a number of times and I've never seen him this excited about a Packers roster. Bodes well!

  37. HighPlainsDrifter

    All LBs, actually
    All personnel

  38. Brian W

    Andy and Ben have never been seen in the same place at the same time. Thanks for all of your hard work, guy(s).

  39. Mark Ingram

    Always enjoy when Ben Fennell comes on your show! Great stuff guys

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