Grading The 2021 NFL Draft Two Years Later (Picks 17-32)

Grading The 2021 NFL Draft Two Years Later (Picks 17-32)


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The Best Play by each 2021 NFL Draft First Round Pick during their college days. These players made countless great plays in college, but in my opinion, these were their most impressive. I did not use any kind of “metric” to determine these plays, it was solely based off my opinion. If you disagree with any of these plays, feel free to let me know in the comments. Enjoy!

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  1. Ferra Torr

    I'd still give Farley an incomplete. He was coming off of such a devastating injury it was fair to believe he'd take a year or two to really get up to full speed. If we're in the same spot a year from now, sure low grade. But at the moment I don't think it's fair to grade anything but incomplete.

  2. Robert Doucette

    KT was the giants front office failing, he’s the most underrated receiver in the league. Go look up his snap count/production ratio, it’s literally the highest in nfl HISTORY. Hes averaging like a catch for 12 yards every 3 snaps he plays, for whatever reason nobody puts him on the field though it’s mind blowing fr

  3. Jvvg Sghhy

    Rough start to his career and then picked it up nah man u got give them 3 years b4 u can say Rough start

  4. Steven Sakell

    Just give Oweh sum time 🙏🏻

  5. Mr Troll

    kadarius toney is 100% a c minimum considering his season with the chiefs

    fa didnt count that season at all

  6. LG

    This was the era when Gruden and the Raiders only drafted players who had played in the College Football Playoff, so it makes sense they took Leatherwood

  7. Ace The1nOnly

    C Grade for Odafe is a bit generous, He looked straight up lost some plays. Other plays it's like he didn't exist.

  8. Eliss Youkilis

    10:32 Caleb Farley will end up being more remembered for being the first "big name" college football player to opt out of the Covid year, and perhaps more than any other player who did opt out, it hurt him alot. The truth is that he was never a particularly technique driven player in college, he was a pure athlete who was originally recruited to Va Tech to play WR but got switched to corner because Justin Fuente couldn't recruit worth a fuck so they didn't have anyone to play corner after Mook Edwards and Adonis Alexander were both kicked off the team and/or left due to not liking Fuente (if you follow Virginia Tech football at all, it'll be pretty obvious exactly which is right in this situation). He really needed that extra year of College football to polish his technique.

  9. Ryan Turk

    I think Leatherwood can become a serviceable starter later on, possibly moving to Guard would help him. He was basically a 4th/5th round talent taken far too early by the Raiders and got 1st round expectations put on him he wasn't ready for.

  10. The WingedWheelWarrior

    I always thought Buffalo had a big steal for Gregory Rousseau. He was great in Miami, and I thought he would be better in the NFL. He's showing a lot of improvement, and he's very steady

  11. Malcolm Abouattier

    Bateman played from week 7-18 in 2021 he was just on IR tye first 5 games… 2022 is the season he didn't finish.

  12. Chiefs_Playz

    why grade Kadarius only on what he accomplished on the giants. he had much more success with the chiefs. You'll see this season coming up, if healthy, he's going to go off.

  13. Tgreen

    Great job on the video, but one quick nitpick is that JTS was never expected to make an impact right away. His rookie year was JPP’s last in Tampa so he played limited time in a rotational role. The criticism on his game is definitely accurate though and as a Bucs fan I really hope he’ll take the next step this year

  14. Avon Barksdale


  15. mike florence

    The so called strip sack on Darrisaw was nothing more than an immobile quarterback in Kirk Cousins. Any other mobile quarterback would have completed a pass or at least gotten a few yards by running.
    Tarkington would have produced a touchdown.

  16. The K

    Oweh had to learn a new scheme in his first full offseason. He also missed part of the offseason due to surgery. So this past season was basically a second rookie year.

  17. Michael

    When darrisaw went down, you could see how impactful he is. The line fell apart for the Vikings

  18. Bradshaw224

    I had Bateman on my fantasy team and man he has a massive upside but injuries and a mediocre QB don’t help

  19. TeeJayEveryDay

    Phillips and Darrisaw both beasts of the second half of round 1. Good value for the fins and Vikings.

  20. PSC Highlights

    Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded but I’m back. The copyright issues I was having are a little better now and I am finishing up finals this week so I am going to start uploading more 🙂

    Edit: I just uploaded a round 2 video if you guys are interested

  21. Dalton Smith

    Are you going do it again this year?

  22. Louie O.Blevins Music

    Jayce Horn over Surtain? I wouldn’t of picked him over Surtain.

  23. Benrobs 555

    anyone else see chase shit on trevon digs

  24. Daniel Krawczyk

    Let’s go Brandon

  25. Geezer

    Who else watched up until their teams first rnd pick and then said: "that's it. I've seen enough. I'm satisfied."

  26. p t

    Anyone gonna talk about that block on the Pitts play? Fucking laid the dude out lmao 1:20

  27. Griffin Hays

    The Georgia play for Smith is just lazy. He's had several plays that were better than that it's just a big moment

  28. Sticky

    You know the Jets got a bust when the best play is against Texas State

  29. Jordan DR.J

    This was a sweet video, but in my opinion, the best Justin Fields play came in 2019 against Michigan… he took a brutal shot to his knee, a couple plays later he comes back onto the field with a knee brace on, he rolls to his left and throws a dot in the back corner of the endzone on his first play back on the field… but that play against Clemson is still amazing

  30. Burt Knighten

    Do round 2

  31. Chris Hughes

    The #2 picks best play was against Texas state lol

  32. Bleedblue6487

    What a draft. I love how Devontes was 3 years before winning the Heisman. Haha.

  33. Mike Schmidt

    Before DeVontae Smith caught that ball I remember thinking at least UGA stopped Bama. Then he caught it and I was instantly, UGA still ain't shit!!!! It was always a win/win lose/lose for me. I would have reveled in the loss of either

  34. Mike Schmidt

    I'll believe Zach Wilson is an NFL Qb after his first Pro Bowl. Until then, I'm assuming him as a Manziel esque bust.

  35. Kolapaki

    Cmon, my throw was insane.

  36. Superstrike

    4:07 notice how 82 demolished the camera man

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