Gladwell on danger of college football

Malcolm Gladwell says that college football is damaging America’s young minds, and should be banned.

College Football prospect camps have become a major factor in recruiting. In this video Cut Day Sports takes you behind the scenes of the Champions Elite prospect camp (Lagrange, Ga). You’ll see defensive line drills, defensive back drills, Wr vs Db 1v1s, and fundamental American Football drills.

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Shot By Cut Day Videographer Reg The Creative

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  1. Daniel H

    The dog does not consent, the human does in his own way and with maturity, consents. They don't do it out of allegiance to owners, they do it because they love the sport; dogs don't, and they accept that life has risks. Should more be done to alleviate this injuries? Of course, but Malcolm gets into a hyperbole invalid argument.

  2. Nylist

    At the point where he talks about dogfighting, it Reminds me of that one time a dude got backlash for shooting a dog in a game where you kill people.

  3. Alex Belin

    I love Gladwell, but I find his analogy comparing football to dogfighting unfair. The difference is that in dog fighting, there is no option for the dogs to opt out. They have no choice to maul each other to death. On the other hand, playing football at the professional level (given the opportunity) is a choice, they are not coerced into anything.

  4. NTH89

    I just read his book, Outliers, its fucking incredible.

  5. Evan Pc

    The difference between dog fighting and football is that dogs can’t give consent and don’t get paid millions of dollars

  6. Lisa Garza

    There’s a difference between dog fighting and elite-level football. The dogs have zero chance of opting out. They are intentionally bred to be aggressive. Refusal to enter the ring and fight will result in the dog’s death, often as bait for bigger, more aggressive canines. Football players can make an informed choice. Should I trade my future neurological health for a potentially lucrative career replete with fame and adulation from fans? Efforts are constantly made to reduce the risk of concussion and head injury with improved safety equipment and rule changes. It’s a gamble that many are willing to risk. I think you goofed on this one, Malcolm.

  7. Krsnakhepa

    My father forced me to play football as a child. I did not consent. Now I wake up in excruciating pain every day and suffer constantly. Decent people, good people, do not have anything to do with football. It is an abomination.

  8. Humzah Hassan

    Take away helmets and pads and talk about removing tackling above the hip. And think about banning tackling someone to the ground for fear of whip lash. There will be some brain damage but if u start with these steps and I could go on there will be effects but they will be drastically decreased

  9. Aggle_3251

    The dogs have no choice(they're killed if they don't fight. Dogs often fight to the death. A better comparison is Roman gladiators and dog fighting. A poor and misleading comparison malcolm.

  10. Brian Decaire

    Nerd alert!

  11. txlish

    my point back then about Mick Vick – All about send that minority irrespective age sex cast creed religion behind bar any which way. America is sick to its core

  12. D1end

    Makes sense, but im pretty sure this isn't going to happen any time soon tho

  13. Barry Irlandi

    two people I dislike talking about an insignificant sport…….

  14. George Pretnick

    I really don't care if football players beat their brains out. Very few of them are serious students. Most of them are semi-literate troglodytes. They choose to do this because they have no other real way to economic success. If they fail to enter the NFL, they revert to either menial jobs or crime.

  15. AtenAkaAton1

    LoL Fuck football players. Get your ass on the field and play hard. I do have to laugh at the comparison to dog fighting though. Dogs have no choice, get no money, and the loser is killed. Plus the injuries are far more sever. This guy needs to take a chill pill, no one is forcing football players into the game. It's like someone crying about the injuries sustained in boxing, and comparing that to dog fighting, there is no comparison.

  16. HMS Beagle

    People should be free to do whatever they want with their own bodies as long as the public is not made to pay for their medical expenses when they get sick or injured. Just like cigarettes, they know the danger of smashing their brains against the skull. don't pity these grown up crybabies when they get sick. they made their choice, so who gives a shit if they want to harm themselves. it's a free country.

  17. Jaime Lannister

    Well, let's get rid of our armed forces then. Clearly, that is a dangerous profession that has no room in modern society. Do you know those guys can get shot? But what the heck, they are paid for it and know what they do… Uh. yeah. Oh, and let's get rid of gangs too. You know how many young men die every year from being in gangs? Lots of them. So, we need to get rid of them. So, how do we do that? We legalize all drugs. Now, I can go get my crack from a legal source, so the illegal gangs can't make money off that and they dry up and go away. And now I'm so high, I don't have to watch football on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon not to be bored. I'm so high, I don't even care about touchdowns! Woooooo! And, I'm too high to join the military. Win for everyone! World Peace! Peace without Head Injuries and PTSD! I love it! Super Bowl parties? How about "Pack this Bowl parties"? With meth. Legally bought meth so no street gangs were involved. And no terrorists were funded. Then I go to YouTube and watch "Drone Strike" videos all day with my friends. "Did you see that hit!?!?!?" I yell. That Pakistani Village was like the Jacksonville Jaguars on a Sunday and the Patriots just visited!" Then I high-five like 4 dudes plus some dude's quasi drinking buddy/girlfriend/mistress and order up more Jaegar from my former gangsta bitch girlfriend. Oh, she used to run with a clique, but she hated football, and has reformed her life and has a job as a night manager at Taco Bell. I love her, even though she is fat from eating all those free burritos. In fact, I think I'm even more attracted to her at her current weight, because it is like rebellion against all those skinny vegans trying to occupy Wall Street. "Damn, can't you make me a turkey on Thanksgiving?" I once asked Lady Plywood – the queen of the Shanty next to Goldman Sachs – and she said, "Tofurkey, Motherfucker…" I guess that says it all. GO LIONS!

  18. Phil RU

    He realizes that playing football is a choice right? They know risks. You don't have to play football.

  19. Matthew V

    A human can reason and make a choice to put himself in harm. A dog doesn't have this level of reasoning.

  20. Joe Rinaldi

    Minor league football too should be placed in the same category, I played 40+ years ago, practices were much more difficult, more hitting. Some players would have to endure far more hitting than other players. I hope coaches are more sensible these days. 


    Yeah buddy they were putting in work.

  22. brittnay cattaneo

    You won't know anything til the 23rd

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