Giants Rumors: 5 NFL Free Agency Signings To FIX The New York Giants

NFL Free Agency is right around the corner and the New York Giants will be looking to add some talent to their roster. Giants rumors suggest that Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll will be looking to add offensive lineman and defensive playmakers in NFL Free Agency. NY Giants Now by Chat Sports host Marshall Green shares his thoughts on the latest Giants news and rumors in this videos as well as maps out his perfect free agency for the NY Giants.

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Giants Offensive Coaches:
QB Coach: Shea Tierney
RB Coach: Joel Thomas
WR Coach: Mike Groh
OL Coach: Carmen Bricillo
TE Coach: Andy Bischoff

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– Name a free agent you want the Giants to sign!
– Grade Marshall’s free agency plan! A, B, C, D or F

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  1. @NYGiantsTV

    Name a free agent you want the Giants to sign!

  2. @maaliemaal1373

    Noo, if we draft a QB the Oline doesn’t matter 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. @tynriggs1

    Imo the most important FA target is the Patriots RT then the Dolphin or Raider OG

  4. @blacktriad

    Until Thee Offensive Line Is Fixed Nothing Matters. And That Is An Absolute Fact…….‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  5. @theearl1477

    A plus Marshall! You are spot on. Until this O Line is fixed we aren't going anywhere. Does that make Evan Neal your RG? Gabe Davis is playing in the shadows of Stefon Diggs and at last we FINALLY get Leonard Floyd. Love this strategy! Kenny Moore is way underrated.

  6. @jamesslater2483

    Glue hands

  7. @billyrosario4951

    This is one of the first times I 100% agree with you. Now you’re talking👍👍👍👍

  8. @ervettjackson4372

    Patrick Queen

  9. @CFA2618

    Love Love Love your FA tagets Masrh!!!!! BIG A+ on this. Hope Joe is watchin the channel and getting ideas FR!!!!

  10. @metaldrummer23-umo67

    Been sscreaming it since 2013: FIX THE OFFENSIVE LINE

  11. @dariusjones2593

    Why do we have so little cap space, who are we paying, with Adoree , Leo and golladay off the books and not paying Barkley thought we would have more. Forgot about Daniel Jones but his contract isn't horrific

  12. @robsterlobster6068

    Round 1 Joe Alt OT (trade up if you have to) Cade Stover TE in round 2. Move neal to the inside and save that money for a top WR and CB Then go get Trey Benson RB in the 3rd. The rest is fluffernutter and depth.

  13. @ladlahiien

    Sign Nick Soilders

  14. @Mattylew52

    Marsh we need one of these including the giants plan with out FA's and what to do in the draft after we make these moves in FA

  15. @achilles8936

    Davis is trash

  16. @NUYORICAN-bm8ue

    We don't need to sign a WR or back up QB.. Yes on any other Free Agent Signing

  17. @user-mi3ju9kd3p

    I like this and drafting Brock Bowers; while running a two tight end set with Darren Waller. Also, this is a deep wide receiver class so draft a WR further down in the draft. Find other players in the draft to fill other holes where needed.

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