Georgia football player and staffer killed hours after UGA championship celebration

University of Georgia football player Devin Willock and football staff member Chandler LeCroy were killed in a single-car crash just hours after their team celebrated its national championship with a victory parade and celebration, according to a statement from the UGA Athletic Association and reporting from CNN affiliate WXIA. #CNN #News
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  1. Charmain LaReau

    They either fell asleep or were drunk

  2. Corek BleedingHollow

    Mmm they were at the strip club before the car crash. Bet lots of Bulldogs wanted to have sex after the game.

  3. Scott Sent

    It is God's will.

  4. Pierce Rainy

    Play in the street, die in the street. Next man up mentality.

  5. Mark rapacki

    So what was the cause? Strange a 4-minute report never addresses the cause of the crash.
    3 am? A DUI.

  6. Carrie Johnikin

    Prayers and condolences to the parents and families of Devin and Chandler. Speedy recovery to survivors.

  7. Gill Harris

    She still didn't answer the question.

  8. L. Mae

    RIL Young adults.

  9. B1G JAKE-O

    Staff or groupie

  10. roachtoasties

    Was the driver speeding and by how much? Splitting a power pole and the vehicle just keeps on going is an indication of speed. Were they wearing seatbelts?

  11. Jon Guinn

    Must've been some damn good road head.

  12. Nicholas Parker

    I encourage all white women to stay away from black men. You live longer that way.

  13. Jerry D

    This was very poor reporting. Nothing was answered to why the accident happened.
    Was it drug or alcohol? Reckless driving? A mechanical failure?

  14. Andrew Oladokun

    May their souls Rest In Peace…

  15. Carlos

    Driver and front passenger were belted. Front passenger had minor injuries. Rear passengers were not belted. One was ejected and died, the other sustained serious injuries. It is entirely possible that one of the rear passengers killed the driver, most probably the 330-pound football player. Often rear passengers have a false sense of security and don't wear their seat belts. The problem is that they can become projectiles in the event of a crash and be lethal to the front passengers.

  16. Amor

    For some reason, right?

  17. Fateen Bey

    They fell asleep my guess. God said walk by light wake up people. Racoons are nocturnal not humans. Should of been in bed sleep like birds bees squirrels etc.

  18. Neva' eh's Natas

    Vote Republican

  19. Rico b

    Rip very sad story praying for both families

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