Futbol Americas’ big MLS preview! Predicting the MLS Cup winners, top scorer and more! | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Mauricio Pedroza on Futbol Americas to make their predictions for the coming Major League Soccer season.

0:00 Best signing
2:23 Next MLS player to crack Europe
4:00 MLS top scorer
6:08 The worst team of the season
8:22 Supporters’ Shield winners
10:50 MLS Cup winners
13:31 Inter Miami bans The Athletic

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  1. Athos

    O Revolução vai limpar a casa! 🥳🫶🏼🇧🇷🇺🇸

  2. World Medic

    I'm surprised that the Chicago Fire wasn't given the wooden spoon. They have let us fans down so many times. I don't think it will change this year.

  3. X7 Rogue

    Why didn’t y’all talk about Austin

  4. Ping

    I have a feeling this will go terrible for dallas

  5. maxypower

    having a series in the playoffs is genious

  6. steven g

    This taco seller mau is so hard to listen to. Act and speak as if he preaches revelation only he knows. Which shelter did espn scoop this dude from

  7. The More You Know

    I honestly think this apple partnership might eventually be great for MLS format-wise. They kinda have an interest in selling the regular season more than they do the playoffs just in terms of volume. I think sooner or later they’ll realize that it’s only really gonna happen if the schedules balanced

  8. Hugo Vega

    I’m not like the best at picking that good things in the future but usually if a team has a really bad preseason, that means the coach is actually finding out who is bad and good on the roster usually

  9. Irwin Vasquez

    Orlando City has put together a quality team. A lot of those young under 22 initiative players will move to Europe eventually. They're building a really good club.

  10. tony

    Sad Houston fan here. 😫

  11. Planeit

    Can't wait for the chicago fire to… not do anything again? Maybe if they signed some people…

  12. misteree78

    There hasn’t been a real supporter’s shield for years. It’s just Eastern Conference Champion and Western Conference Champion.

  13. Marcus78

    As a Charlotte FC fan I just hope they can make the playoffs.

  14. Dan

    MLS / Inter Miami banning reporters is bad, bad look. You need the media you MLS suit morons.

  15. David Montgomery

    Predicting the champion is pointless as it's just a lottery with the entire league invited to the playoffs

  16. Kurt Perleberg

    Blame it on Apple TV & Adidas.

  17. The Chosen Juan

    LA = Back to Back 🏆🏆

  18. Skram D'€urosnob ⚽

    Just here to 💤😴💤

  19. The Milky Way Universe

    Still can’t get over how terrible the new format is

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