Full Breakdown Of The Steelers' 2023 NFL Draft [Player Comps + Projections] | CBS Sports

The CBS Sports HQ crew provides player profiles along with NFL player comps for the Steelers’ 2023 NFL Draft class.


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  1. Steelhead6

    Good I hope they get rid of the bum

  2. Louis Badial

    These comparisons are in accurate

  3. PSU Wrestling

    Why is this hobbit talking about sports? If I want to throw a ring into a volcano he is my go to, other than that shut your mouth.

  4. GBN - Nv Gee

    We actually molded jpj it was destined to happen he prolly was checking all our receivers

  5. James Saxon

    Is it true that Darnell Washington suffered a foot injury that may become a chronic problem? The Green Bay Packers is said to have rejected drafting him because he failed their physical exam.

  6. Logan B

    yeah man you can just easily gain 35 pounds

  7. Logan B

    wow these guys dont know what theyre talking about lmao

  8. Blake A

    That guy doing the “analysis” of Nick Herbig has no idea how the Steelers play defense!

  9. vegasTJG

    In 25 years JP3 will be drafted by the Steelers in the top 20 then 25 years after that JP4 will be drafted in the top 10

  10. Blitzburgh

    What is going on with that last guy😂😂😂

  11. Blitzburgh

    You don’t even get his height right 20 seconds into the video

  12. Alicia and Greg Runnels

    These guys got the heights all wrong and they are stupid.

  13. Joe

    Considering we drafted a LT AND Darnell Washington, I doubt he will switch to LT lmao

  14. TheHoundGamer

    These player comps are definitely interesting 😂

  15. Mark BONASORTE

    These are Cincy picks ,why?😮

  16. Mark BONASORTE

    Washington us a 6'7 inch wide receiver,please do your home work? Where do you find theses"analyses winners"😢

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