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Tuesday, January 25, 2022: Get daily free sports picks, sports betting tips, and advice from Teddy Covers and The Prez Monday through Friday on WagerTalk Today. On every show, the Dynamic Duo breaks down the biggest games on the board with special guest handicappers, giving out free NFL, college football, college basketball, NBA, soccer, and NHL picks, and they check in with elite Vegas bookmakers to get legit inside info from real-life sharps.

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What Did Bettors Learn 3:31
Matt Joesphs 10:05
Teddys BGB 18:08
Tokyo Brandon 22:40
Dave Sharapan 31:11
The Prezidental Adress 47:34

On Tuesday’s edition of WagerTalk Today, Matt Josephs joins Prez and Teddy for a look at tonight’s college basketball slate. Tokyo Brandon stops by for an international sports update. Oddsmaker Dave Sharapan shares his thoughts on NFL conference championship weekend.

Teddy Covers and Prez discuss the “Big Game Breakdown”, handicapping the biggest game on the card across all sports – NFL, College Football, MLB, and beyond. Teddy breaks down his 6B’s segment: Bad Beats, Bad Bets, and Bad for the Books.

WagerTalk Today goes behind the counter to get a look at the public and sharp betting action with a special guest each day.

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  1. Joseph Calabria

    They need to play a full-quarter to see who wins in OT. Both regular season and playoffs. If there’s a 2nd OT, first team that scores wins. Problem solved.
    I read 11 out of 12 OTs have ended to the coin toss then the team goes down for the win.

  2. Chad Moody BTO

    Welcome back, Prez!!! Teddy clearly needed his bestie back 😁

  3. Sebastian Anthony

    It took an Australian to fix the NFL overtime rule. The referee speaks to the captains at the centre of field asks the visitor team do you want to receive or pick which side of the field (better than coin flip) the teams play 5 minutes of extra time if the scores are still tied then additional 5 minutes is played with teams swapping sides of the field. However this second 5 minutes period is Golden Point and any score will win the game.

  4. Lauren Williams

    Howd u do on your props this weekend Major Matt? Personally I got smoked lol

  5. Detroit What

    Thank you Tokyo Brandon for the euro league Bayern Munich basketball winner!

  6. Edward Mendez

    Bring this guy back he’s funny with the Burrow Shades 😂

  7. Joshua Kramer

    Good point Teddy those defenses were shot they could have played for 3 more hours and kc and Buffalo would have scored every single time! Full quarters additional is not the answer!

  8. Rlen

    Who takes the -1.5 on bulls In that spot LOL it’s ML or nothing

  9. Raymond Morales

    Hey Prez, how do you figure out the 8% value of the line difference between 3 and 3 and a half? Is that based on last season numbers or all time?

  10. Keegan LaMotte

    great show. This season in the NFL, teams that win the coin toss in OT have gone 10-1….

  11. Carr Covers

    OT- I agree w/Teddy teams get tired.
    I think that if a team scores, the other team should AT LEAST have the chance to score again. .. a sudden death, like soccer penalties..

  12. Roger Williams

    Mat what the _ell u think bout, both teams deserve the rite to try to score.

  13. Captains Corner

    My Best Bet
    Rhode Island Money Line

  14. Ashraf Sehrai

    We Follow You ,You are iCONS of sports ,Why dONT You Contact NFL commissione to Change OVERTIME RULES -A Team Wich Wins The TOSS And SCORES Touch Down WINS MATCH Leaving NO CHANCE To Other Team TO REPLY ,That Is So stupid Rule – BUFFALO Has Scored 9 Straight Possessions ,i am Sure JOSH ALLEN Given The chance WOULD HAVE ALSO SCORED TOUCH TOWN And even The match

  15. Dave Baubie

    Dave Sharapan…ive seen u wear so many teams…thats the nicest one yet!!! Lol

  16. Zena Yu

    NBA Best bets
    BKN nets +3

  17. Remember Rhodesia

    Here’s how you solve the NFL overtime situation. You take each teams’ kicker and special teams squad and you start on the 20 yard line. Then you have each team kick a field goal. Then go to the 25, 30, 35, etc until there’s a miss. If it’s still tied start over until there’s a miss. It’s like a shoot out in hockey, it’s purely goalie vs goalie so let’s have kicker vs kicker

  18. I'll Bring The Beer

    Follow Dave and checked this stream out. Teddy alright but this prez guy real jackass

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