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Thursday, February 3, 2022: Get daily free sports picks, sports betting tips, and advice from Teddy Covers and The Prez Monday through Friday on WagerTalk Today. On every show, the Dynamic Duo breaks down the biggest games on the board with special guest handicappers, giving out free NFL, college football, college basketball, NBA, soccer, and NHL picks, and they check in with elite Vegas bookmakers to get legit inside info from real-life sharps.

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Introduction 00:00
What Did Bettors Learn 4:40
Dave Cokin 7:45
Teddy’s BGB 19:32
Ariel Epstein 23:05
Ralph Michaels 36:25

On Thursday’s episode, Dave Cokin joins the panel to preview a handful of college basketball matchups; Ralph Michaels talks betting systems for basketball; and the Prop Queen Ariel Epstein serves up a pair of NBA matchups she has her eyes on.

Teddy Covers and Prez discuss the “Big Game Breakdown”, handicapping the biggest game on the card across all sports – NFL, College Football, MLB, and beyond. Teddy breaks down his 6B’s segment: Bad Beats, Bad Bets, and Bad for the Books.

WagerTalk Today goes behind the counter to get a look at the public and sharp betting action with a special guest each day.

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  1. MrFunMonk

    Is there more of a competition amongst the pro handicappers selling picks, pushing themselves to out do the other and therefore have more clients then the next guy? Or is there more of a camaraderie where you are all working together, sharing information, trying to get everybody above board? Also, do you guys have free access to everybody else's picks or do you have to pay each other for the privilege of knowing each others clients picks? Finally, I understand that selling picks can help your personal bankroll, win or lose, but how many of you honestly make more money betting, than you receive for selling picks, assuming your betting on the picks you give out (and maybe winning on bets you don't give out but you got from another handicapper)and you are winning over time??? I'm prepared to not receive an answer because to answer these honestly may reveal more than you would like your clients to know???

  2. john dennen

    Lakers 🤑🤑🤑 Arizona 🤑🤑 📈📈🙌🙌💪 well done gents. I played that player prop 📉 solid night!


    Prez quick question. Why do you keep giving out winners on the show, yet the picks you charge money for, seem to consistently lose?…but actually the question is really this… you really think this is the best time to flex in Punta Cunto? keep trying, sport! 😉

  4. Adam Nicholas

    That girl is pure Ratchet! Wtf is she doing on the show? How much she pay you lol

  5. Ken Carson

    Don't often disagree with Dave in CBB but I think UCLA has Zona's #. They bullied Zona and Zona turning the ball over waaaaay too much.

  6. John Crites

    You need a mental health day Prez

  7. Jeff T

    Man Ariel is adorable. Me likey.

  8. Eugene Mack

    BYU moneyline
    USC Moneyline 💵🍀

  9. DT Plus the Points

    Its very simple, Prez. Do what Cokin does: if it's a play U think worthy of a bet, and Ur betting it yourself, release it as a play. Easy fix.

  10. Caden Flodstrom

    Hey pres – throw the average viewer a bone man come on

  11. Caden Flodstrom

    Great show

  12. KillBill

    33:30– after hearing amateurish analysis like that I'll take my chances with Kings and even ml…

  13. Jack Stephan

    Everyone should go out and buy the exact same microphone/audio setup as Ariel…and as in “everyone” I mean you Teddy, time to upgrade!

    Thanks for all the great content💥

  14. KillBill

    How's cokins knights future bet looking??? 👌

  15. Donell Williams

    Thanks for your address Prez your 3 hockey picks 100% 🔥

  16. Joe Casey

    Why would we want to listen if you don’t give a shit about these picks?

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