Football in the Favela | Rio De Janeiro Brazil

To see how locals are experiencing the Games, we head to the Favela do Santa Marta to watch Brazil play South Africa in one of the first football matches of the Olympics.

We’re in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics with the LA2024 team to show you how the city comes to life during the games!

We’re publishing four vlogs from Brazil for the next two weeks, as well as a few livestreams. Tune in to see what’s happening in Rio beyond what you see on TV!


#Sponsored by #LA2024, the team trying to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games to LA in 2024. Check them out!

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  1. Aelbereth

    i barely saw any football, do you?


    From Chicago but lived in Rio for 29 years and naturalized Brazilian. And Rocinha itself for the first year (last pic of the "comunidades" in vid). Here's my tribute to Rio in an original versatile jazz samba and video creation with lyrics on screen about preserving health. Much of what I learned in "The Marvellous City"

  3. Still 999

    The Video: Wow so nice we are going to the Favela and watch some football games. Nice view.
    People shooting each other’s with a gun

  4. Tarley Persan

    Never say 7-1 in Brazil. This is forbidden. We need to forget about it. it's a nightmare. Even though it's already part of history.

  5. peezhead

    What's the name of the background music that begins @ 5:12 and also played at the very end?

  6. Aula matemática123

    (curiosity) in Brazil we laugh with several k example: kkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. アリエル ちゃん

    Gente só quero fala que guaraná e melhor do que coca

  8. Silvestre Contreras

    Man whoever did the sewage system in that city is a genius lol

  9. Mustafa Hassan

    Not gonna lie was expecting them to play better

  10. Juliana Joyce

    Thank you for visiting brazil. we love it when you see reality. everywhere has good things and ruins. this is my Brasil

  11. 黄钰瑜

    what‘s the background music😭

  12. L. G.

    Imagine brazil with a proper government: just wow…

  13. Gennairo Rhino

    Nice video of brazil greetings from 🇳🇱 holland ✌🏾

  14. Fernando J.S

    Almost no tourists visit the favelas here in Rio like you did, the video was really cool, congratulations !!

  15. Darlan Dias

    i live in santa teresa

  16. Carlitos Tévez SCCP

    Cuidado acharem que vocês são policiais

  17. curicença curicença

    depois dessa por um momento até eu queria visitar a queria visitar a favela mesmo eu morando em uma

  18. Davi Leao

    I'm from Brazil boiiiiiiiiii

  19. LieLuo

    Didn't know G-Easy was hosting a travel show 😂

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