1. Dj_Challenges

    1000th comment congrats

  2. not Jackson

    something with so much energy cant die!!!!

  3. Brian Stears

    I heard this when it was new an I turned into a piece of armor 😳

  4. AiDeN

    I showed this to my TV. Nothing changed, except the fact I'm going to a psychologist once every week.

  5. Danny Mathews

    My prius heard this and now it's a skyline GTR

  6. Erika Jones

    Still blasting it in 2021
    Metal never dies!!!!

  7. Pagan713Gypsy

    I played this song and the cops enjoyed it so much when they showed up… They gave my neighbors a ticket instead of me…🖤

  8. Erik Britz

    2021 motherfuckers

  9. Druid Angel

    Love it first time listening to it I try not to listen to
    Too many songs some mess it up but not this one any other suggestions let me know

  10. sourcandii

    i feel like this is the maki harukawa kinnie anthem

  11. KJ J

    God loves you so much more than you'll ever imagine
    He will never leave you nor forsake you
    Christianity is not a religion but its the best relationship 💙✝️💪✌🙂

  12. Андрей Хотаруъ

    Ты пришел сюда после видео с цветком-поливалкой.

  13. ⭑ clementine ⭑

    i heard this song.. now i’m still me

  14. Satan

    When you realize you’re the Antichrist and that angels and demons are real and not some fairy tail and you just want to go back to thinking you’re a normal person and all these different realms don’t exist so you make a pitch to some stranger to take your place and whatever energy that makes you different from other people

  15. That One Metalhead

    I was already a metalhead before but one of my friends kinda got me into this band lmao

  16. justsaiyan 50

    I didn’t expect this but this has one of the funniest comment sections.

  17. 3WOD

    Thanks clarence kennedy for the pr motivation

  18. chrismobiliophotography


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