First 24 Hours As An Eagles' Draft Pick πŸ‘€

First 24 Hours As An Eagles' Draft Pick πŸ‘€

Ever wondered what the 2023 #NFLDraft Eagles draft picks do after they get selected? Watch and see how Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith spent their first 24 hours as Philadelphia Eagles.

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Picks 21-31: Three Straight Receivers & Eagles Draft Another Georgia Pass Rusher | 2023 NFL Draft

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  1. tanner mckinney

    Y’all still high af off that last Super BowπŸ˜‚ y’all had a better chance with Nick Foles at QB just be honest now πŸ’€

  2. Jayce Tronsy

    Nolan Smith is a vocal Leader and has extreme potential that can help this defense for the next decade, Nolan Smith and the other teamates of Jalens will make him as best as possible

  3. Yung Espi

    wow for once philly media makes a fire edit

  4. Enerdhil: The Older Days

    Nolan reminds me of a Clark Kent type of character. Can't wait to see Superman on the field!

  5. Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett

    Still can’t believe we got both of these guys. I can’t wait to see Jalen Carter. There’s no doubt my mind that he could be Aaron Donald. However, I am most excited about Nolan Smith. That dude is so infectious with his personality. There’s a really good chance he is the next Brandon Graham in terms of leadership/positivity/charisma.

  6. chartwell1688

    Special moment

  7. Ella Campbell

    Nolan smith got Micah parson’s potential

  8. RC

    Need a day in the life of eagles players (any of them)

  9. G Code 609

    Welcome to Philly…πŸ¦…πŸ’―πŸ¦…

  10. paul fedor

    Howie if we win Superbowl this year….Big Balls Howie needs a statue in front of Linc

  11. Jenai Reed


  12. Cozey

    We NEED an offseason documentary, the hype is just too much the fans are hungry

  13. HaloMediaRecords

    Nolan is that guy hope he develops into a stud

  14. Jessica Vega

    Eagles baby love that i was born into a Eagles family

  15. Ivan Lopez

    Who Wants a Baby?!! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ¦…

  16. BEBA AliciaπŸ’ƒ Creations

    Eagles forever and ever, Philadelphia Eagles my city.

  17. Chuck Griffith

    TCB!! Let's get this done !!

  18. jimmytwotimez

    This video was too short! But seriously the quality is top notch as always. Tell me who does it better than the Eagles, I'll wait.

  19. Kevin Myers

    Show more of this shit man. Hopefully this is a 30 minute video soon.

  20. nieooj gotoy

    I saw Calvin Ridley as a comp for Addison as well.

  21. Carol Yuengling

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  22. Joy Okorodudu

    Why wasn't Felix Anudike, the 31st pick shown?

  23. Cameron Walker

    Zay Flowers finna be a beast. Next to Odell & Bateman, he getting 1 on 1 , it’s a wrap 😈

  24. Jaeden Mclaughlin

    Seahawks are lookin real scary rn

  25. Ali Shah

    Terrorism in England !!

  26. LaMont Melrose

    The Eagles have committed highway freaking robbery!! My po lil Cowboys are gonna have a loooongg season next year 😐

  27. Jared Perdue

    Go panthers keep pounding baby

  28. Robert Chop

    Zay Jones is too small for a 22nd pick, too bad. Ravens should have traded up for njigba

  29. Logan Jones

    As a chargers fan I still just think the problem is the coaches but we shall see how this season goes I guess

  30. Connor Youngren

    There were 4 straight wide receivers selected, NFL … seahawks at 20….

  31. Reality Matters

    I've watched all 3 videos of the draft first through 10 and so on and so forth and one thing kind of stands out to me is a lot more pink on some of these young men in the draft that they're giving them to wear than in past drafts

  32. Milton Pringle

    lol hahahah ya'll better have a good back-up QB when you play the Eagles cause we clearly out to hurt people AGAIN this year!

  33. Poverty Spec

    Chiefs flexing those Lombardis!

  34. Ashton Chapman

    I saw Calvin Ridley as a comp for Addison as well.

  35. Elijah Orquiz

    Ok i am a ravens fan but i hate that lamars getting paid that much he better win 1 superbowl

  36. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    how the nfl let the eagles get the entire georgia d-line after getting 70 sacks last season is beyond me… smh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  37. Daniel De la Cruz

    Am I missing something? I thought there was 32 teams in this league

  38. John Cole

    Welcome to Ravens Zay flowers

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