Financial Betting with Bet365

Bet365 Financial Betting This reviews looks at the fixed odds financial betting (binary betting) offered by Bet365.

PLEASE NOTE: Financial Betting carries a degree of risk to your capital and you can lose your money. I’m not affiliated to Bet365 and have created this video independently. This service is not available to people under 18!

This is basically more of a gambling product than trading per se’ but it is definitely great fun. As well as providing the largest range of bet types in the marketplace, the company offers a range of unique bet options not available through other financial betting sites.

Example: FTSE 100 current price 6698 I bet the price will be above 6700 in 15 minutes, I stake £100 to win £200 back a profit of £100 if I win.

3 Strategies for Successful Financial Betting

Key Spread Betting Strategy 1: Only Bet Money You Can Afford To Lose

This applies, of course, to all forms of speculation : Don’t spend mortgage or bill money, and certainly don’t borrow money to use for spread betting.

Key Spread Betting Strategy 2: You Win Some, You Lose Some!

As a financial speculator you mustn’t expect to win every trade you carry out. This is by and large impossible and even the most successful people make some losses.

Key Spread Betting Strategy 3: Have The Correct Attitude

To achieve successful trades not only takes good judgement but the right attitude. You must be in control of your emotions.
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