Final Score Predictions for Championship Sunday | NFL Total Access

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  1. vondior

    Not Joe
    But I trust Bengals defense
    More than chiefs

  2. PirateKing Luffy

    Lol cool wwe reference 😂

  3. Mitchell Crocetta


  4. Cayden Simpson

    your gonna regret betting against patrick mahomes

  5. Tyrell Brown

    49ers upset this coming from patriots fan that defense is serious

  6. Dallas Herd

    last week were the championship games. This week is super bowl practice week…

  7. Mookie Bets

    Yep I hate themmm!!!

  8. Mookie Bets

    Nvm I said it to early

  9. Mookie Bets

    I hate those guys

  10. Nathan Anderson

    Bald guy with a beard, wearing a suit with sneakers. No reason to trust this dude's judgment. 🤡🤡🤡

  11. Paper Tiger

    this is why i will never buy anything on nfl network…all clowns

  12. Jerome Green

    why he comparing with wrestling when that "sport" is scripted

  13. Derek Smidl

    Adam Rank we all love Joe but wow that’s straight disrespect. Bears fans are even dumber on the tv than they are in person 😂. Chiefs keep the receipts. We all know it when they were saying they don’t care if they’re slighted but they hate when media questions their qb

  14. trm

    Roll the Quiefs. Bengals thrash Arrowcrotch.

  15. Oklahoma Is goat

    Chiefs 28
    Bengals 25

    Rams 28
    49ers 27

    Rams vs chiefs in super bowl

  16. Shro0m Grizzley

    In the end mahomes and rhe cheifs will get it done anyway…i believe their depth is unmatched across the board.

  17. Dyonokake

    This might be the worst take I’ve ever heard on a game

  18. Happy to meet you

    Bengals win. Who Dey

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