Film Study: Should the Detroit Lions get rid of Jared Goff

Film Study: Should the Detroit Lions get rid of Jared Goff

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Jared Goff mic'd up at the Pro Bowl Games

Go on the field with quarterback Jared Goff during the 2023 Pro Bowl Games!

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  1. michael

    I saw what Goff looked like without our current OC and it was very bad. I don't trust him without our OC who's one of the best in the league rn. Worst case scenario is we pay him and our OC leaves and then were stuck trying to recapture lightning in a bottle.
    Hes also gonne be asking for a Daniel Jones contract and I don't wanna give that to him

  2. Cool Ghost12

    I say keep Goff for another 2-3 years then get a qb in 2025-2026 draft and have a rookie sit under him

  3. Jacob Rowley

    hey man big fan of yours and the lions!! love love love the lions film breakdowns PLEASE do more! great video. i dont think theyll draft qb at 6 but it wouldnt be wild either

  4. LordIgotU Gaming

    He played great last year but I would of tried to trade him this off-season for a 1st and 3rd he's not worth 50 million a year as soon as his contact is due that's what he's going to get we don't need 1 player taking up 25% of the team's cap this is why Stafford couldn't win us a Superbowl. If they keep him it will be the most sol move ever if he was Jordan or Brady would be worth 25%

  5. Mark Rensink

    This notion that Goff can only win a division and maybe a playoff game but not more is retarded.He can win the whole show,period.He will have a chance to face Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs this year in the regular season.Goff will ball in that game.47% of the money being laid on who will play in the NFC championship game(Las Vegas sports books) is being laid on the Lions.The pro handicappers know what they are doing and they are betting on Detroit.Go Goff,Go Lions!!

  6. Kevin T

    Currently Goff is the 2nd best QB in the conference and still fairly young. Trading for him was a good decision long-term.

  7. Mustard Cycling

    I think they should get rid of him honestly not biased in any way whatsoever

  8. Brooks Orlando

    I view Goff as around 10-15th best QB in NFL. He's good and he's only 28. I'd stick with him. No need to force it… Detroit has a good thing going

  9. Serendipitous Slim

    Goff has already proven that with the correct tools around him he’s capable of making it to a Superbowl (a terrible snoozefest of a Superbowl, but one nonetheless) and Detroit has been doing a GREAT job at putting those tools around him the past few years. He had an excellent season last year, and if him, Dan Campbell and the front office keep doing their thing and shoring up what holes they have left on defense, they can go very far in a relatively weak NFC (outside of the 9ers and Eagles of course).

  10. James Brown

    Dude, Goff is not underpaid he is a bargain and he's not going anywhere, he is our QB for at least the next 4 or 5 years.

  11. Americana Dreaming 🇺🇲

    Older Lions fan here, I like Goff, he reminds me of Erik Kramer (RIP). The Lions drafted Andre Ware in that same time very high (#7), and it never worked out. The Lions lost Kramer in that QB shuffle, and they haven't won another playoff game since. Let's keep it simple here, keep the bird in the hand.

  12. Yeda'ya Finkelman

    From what I heared from dan campbells and brad holmes' press conferences, JG is our QB for this year, the might draft a QB, but if so, at least for this year, it is to be a backup

  13. Zanatos Prime

    He's not overpaid. Daniel Jones is making 45m per year. With how QB contracts look now, 30m is a super discount.

  14. VurtAddicted

    One game in the NFL anything can happen. Goff already played a sb, so obviously he can win a sb. Lions should use the occasion of an unbelievably weak NFC, they don't know when it'll happen again. They are the most win-now team in the NFL

  15. cory snyder

    Get rid of Jared for who exactly?

  16. Timothy Norat

    Take a late round quarterback just in case. There are some real gems in rounds 2-7. Hendon Hooker, Tanner McKee, Clayton Tune, Tyson Bagent, Max Duggan, Jared Lee, Aidin Odonnell Dorian Thompson take your pick. All these prospects are NFL level prospects.

  17. A_BruhMan

    I love when you do Lion players

  18. Timothy Norat

    Since when is Goff in a good situation right now? Its Detroit! Keep Goff! Improve the defense! Its that simple. They had one of the best offenses in the league and one of the worst defenses.

  19. William Fitzpatrick

    Only when he wants too much money and will break up the team.

  20. Laura Barrett

    I’m so happy my favorite qb made the pro bowl. 😁

  21. Tom McLain

    Respected and more fun than I expected. # OnePride16

  22. aaron kimball

    This is giving me Ramsey to the lions vibes. I like it

  23. OnGoingTime

    6:24 this just shows you the memory that great QBs have . Jared is our guy!

  24. Jess Little

    Seems like telling Ramsey come out there that they were low key talking about out to Detroit.

  25. Kimberly McQuade

    Hockenson said he LOVES DETROIT! Awwwwww

  26. Theo Dery

    Goff soliciting Jalen Ramsey…" Were good", come on out there!!! ( wouldn't hurt)

  27. Debra Meese

    JG, language dude. Walk the walk

  28. Ricky Iglesias

    Great vid. You get to see and hear not only Goff but a ton of other NFL players just being themselves and chatting each other up. Very cool.

  29. Scotty Boy

    Goff n Ramsey talking…. Maybe the Lions will trade for Ramsey? 🏈

  30. Chris Gibson

    JG and Ramsey plotting…

  31. Justin Chilcutt

    You know hockenson misses us. I wish he didn't want top 5 tight end money but it's all a business and our tight ends are performing well without him

  32. XerxesTheReptile

    Jerrrd "nothing to see here" Gawf …
    Was granted Team Captain status before he ever stepped foot on a practice field let alone accomplish anything and ended up getting half of the team, his OC and a few other assistants shook up before things settled into what we saw as the Ultimate Pretender Season in which he had a "helluva" season and so the Lions FO has a big big decision to make…lmaooo…

    Smh… They'll be stuck with him for 3-4 years worst case scenario, assuming he gets his way and is resigned…ughh….it sux

  33. Jake Contos

    I see Jalen Ramsey sticking around the Lions 😏

  34. Jake Crawford

    seeing this makes me miss hockenson

  35. Plum Crazi Chris

    Our qb is a leader of men

  36. innerspace56

    tons of comments asking for Ramsey to detroit I'd MUCH rather have Buddha Baker. This draft is loaded with corners, not so many safeties by all appearances. Baker is a gritty dude who plays consistently great. J-Ram makes a lot of great plays and then has some weird costly lapses out there.

  37. innerspace56

    For Lions fans this Pro Bowl and these videos are the gift that keeps on giving. A lot of hilarious content here and some really cool insightful stuff too. Those moments with Hockenson were cool af and I hope he knows we love him too. The session with Jaire just being open as hell. This is fun stuff. I think this lions team wants it bad enough to get it too..

  38. Ben Preblich

    Jalen hanging around the lions players quite a lot. 👀

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