FIFA World Cup 2022 European Qualifiers Prediction

The World Cup qualifier groups have just been announced! Here are my predictions of where every country will finish, let me know what yours are in the comments!

EURO 2021 Updated Prediction:

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Playoff draw finally happened! Now we have to wait till March to see these matchups, but the hype has begun! Here are our predictions, let us know yours in the comments!

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  1. djordje ilic

    Well serbia is first in group a fater all xD

  2. Patrik Husi

    Hungary let this man down

  3. Ken Block

    nice predicts congrats

  4. Stechnical Mike

    Group J was amazing, Macedonia beat Germany 2-1 at Duisburg and went on to defeat Armenia 5-0 and Iceland 3-1, to secure second spot, what a performance. Serbia humiliated Portugal, Croatia showed Russia who's boss, Macedonia showing dominance in qualifications. Good to see ex-yugoslav nations succeed.

  5. Lil Poyk

    Tonight we (ireland) will fight against Luxembourg for 3rd place🇮🇪⚔🇱🇺

  6. muharem

    2Chezh rebuplic

  7. Y T

    You were right about Germany and Denmark , now let’s wait until November to see if the others predictions will be right

  8. luid games

    Albania second on groups

  9. Crackity_witch

    Semis finals in 2022 will be
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 VS 🇧🇪 and it will be 3-1 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    🇧🇷 VS 🇪🇸 and it will be 1-0 🇪🇸

    And the final will be
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 VS 🇪🇸 and it will be 4-1 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


    bro, after 6 th matchday Armenia is 2nd

  11. Roblox dood 78

    It’s funny how Spain didn’t qualify lol


    Ok Moldova is not that bad

  13. fd good

    Check the points now albania is second by nine

  14. mäonparas

    Group D
    France 1
    Finland 2
    Ukraine 3
    Bosnia 4
    Kazakhstan 5

    Its either Ukraine 2nd or Finland 2nd

  15. precop corina

    group j impressed me the most. and its YOUR prediction not the viewers

  16. super animaitons

    Wen turkey got 1st

  17. Bence Lakatos- Forgács

    pray for Eriksen!🙏

  18. Kitchen Scrambler

    6:22 If they were to finish first they wouldn’t have lost that North Macedonian game

  19. Chuckle Honeybear


  20. HRVizak

    Since everyone’s already predicting the final 3 qualifying, for now I’ll say Wales, Sweden, and Italy. But it’s all definitely too early to tell. I’ll let you know my final thoughts in March!

  21. Egeisagod

    TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE DOESNT BELIEVE IN THEM COME ON. Turkey fired their own manager and now we have a new manager and when he joined, we hadn’t lost a game and he won the World Cup in U21 so he would help A LOT.

  22. I Don't Know

    Russia haven't lost at home in World Cup Qualifying since 2010 bruh

  23. Μάρκος Σταμούλης

    World Cup 2022 Play Off UEFA Prediction
    Path A
    Wales vs Ukraine
    Winner : Wales
    Path B
    Poland vs Sweden
    Winner : Poland
    Path C
    Portugal vs Italy
    Winner : Italy

  24. Hans Sundqvist

    Austria, Poland and Italy.
    I notice that not many believe in Austria but I think they have the best players from Path A. On the other hand they are the worst team too sometimes but if they click like they did against Italy in the euro, i think they qualify.

  25. dwest

    Scotland 0-1 Ukraine
    Galles 1-1 Austria (P)

    Sweden 1-2 Czech Republic (AET)
    Russia 2-1 Poland

    North Macedonia 1-3 Italy
    Portugal 3-0 Turkey

    Ukraine 1-2 Austria
    Czech Republic 2-0 Russia
    Italy 1-2 Portugal (AET)

  26. Joel Westman

    My predictions: Playoff A: Wales to the World Cup. Playoff B: Sweden to the World Cup. Playoff C: Italy to the World Cup.

  27. Furb

    My Prediction:

    Scotland 1-1 Ukraine
    Wales 1-1 Austria
    Russia 1-2 Poland
    Sweden 2-1 Czechia
    Italy 3-1 North Macedonia
    Portugal 1-0 Turkey

  28. Xxx Xxx

    glumis Hrvata za youtoube nemas pojima o sportu kojem pises ti si idiot

  29. Xxx Xxx

    dok budala da svoje znanje a ameri slusaju jebote ti si amater nemas pojima

  30. Xxx Xxx

    ur socer knowleg is just bad

  31. Xxx Xxx

    2-0 and 3-0 for walse insane austria is like 10x better

  32. minion matt 2345 vlogs

    Path A: Ukraine 1 – 0 Scotland, Wales 3 – 1 Austria. Ukraine 2 – 2 Wales (PEN 5-4)
    I choose Ukraine because I honestly think they're a great squad. They have players playing in Europe's top divisions, and also great players too.

    Path B: Poland 2 – 1 Russia, Sweden 2 – 0 Czech Republic. Poland 4 – 2 Sweden.
    I choose Poland because they are literally carried by Lewa. You honestly should not base a team off one player, but Poland is really bad without him. Russia have been as good lately, so It should be a win for Poland. Ibra will not play against Czech Republic, since he has accumulated too many cards, and Sweden is playing at home. Sweden are definitely a lot better at home, and playing Ibra will curse Sweden for sure. Sweden are not as good away, we see this in the Georgia game, so I'm thinking Poland win here.

    Path C: Italy 4 – 1 North Macedonia, Portugal 2 – 0 Turkey. Italy 1 – 1 Portugal (PEN 4 – 2)
    Italy impress me constantly, and are great at home. North Macedonia is definitely not at Italian level of play, though you should never write them off too early. Italy will win big if top players are there- Verrati, Immobile, Chiellini, Spina. You could really see a dip in the Italian euro performance after Spina's injury. Drawing the last two games, winning on pens. Portugal are a lot better than Turkey, who are improving from the dreaded Euro Campaign. Italy at the moment are a great squad. Players have more chemistry, and better manager. Portugal is experiencing a wave of new, young players, who don't have as much chemistry mixed with veterans like Fonte, Pepe, or CR7. Thats why I say Italy win here, but comparing this to away matches in England at the Euro's, where they won on Pens, its likely this match will go to pens too. Its a shame that two teams with such great players, and long football history might have to play. I guess thats how football works though.

  33. August Gaming

    My perditions
    2-1 🇺🇦
    2-0 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    2-1 🇵🇱
    1-0 🇨🇿
    2-1 🇹🇷

  34. ModerateMapper

    Path C is still a very open path

  35. ppp m

    Ukraine 💯qualify
    Poland vs Czech final
    I like to see Macedonia

  36. louis leycuras

    My predictions for Path A:
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 1:2 🇺🇦
    🇦🇹 0:2 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
    🇺🇦2:2 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (Ukraine win on penalties)
    Path B:
    🇷🇺 3:2 🇵🇱
    🇸🇪 2:1 🇨🇿
    🇷🇺 1:2🇸🇪
    Path C:
    🇲🇰 1:2 🇮🇹
    🇵🇹 2:1 🇹🇷
    🇮🇹2:1 🇵🇹

  37. Enes Melih Eroğlu

    Dalga mı geçiyorsunuz ? Kuzey Makedonyada kaliteli topçu bile yok ama italyaya 1 gol atıyor hatta 2 – 1 kaybediyor ama çalhanoğlu , uğurcan , yılmaz , çağlar ,merih ,ünderli ,keremli türkiyeye 2 – 0 diyip hiç şans vermiyorsunuz. Saçmalık

  38. Ertator Tiro

    You guys really overrated North macedonia and underrated Italy, seriosly get more serious insted of doping stupid predictions

  39. raidermatteo

    😂😂😂North Macedonia to beat Italy, you shouldn’t drink before you film. Or your a typical hater. 3-0 Italy over n. Macedonia. Portugal vs Turkey 2-1 Portugal but turkey could pull an upset. Russia Poland 2-1 Poland.

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