Erik ten Hag says he is following Manchester United takeover bid news but his focus is on football

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Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag admits he is following developments over a potential takeover of the club but insists his main focus is on football and the playing squad.

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  1. Dave B Sings

    Good manager things looking good let's have a win today lads

  2. Abhishek Singh

    Love and support from 🇮🇳

  3. unknown

    ten hag main goal is not the cup his season he building the team for next season and champion league if we win the cup his will be the shery on the cake

  4. isaac mulenga

    Ten hag is here for football only why does the biased media want to involve him in human right issue???

  5. Paul Prog

    Ten Hag is the first manager after the Ferguson era, who i really like. I was never a big fan of Van Gaal or Mourinho.

  6. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

    I am Qatari the person bidding is my cousin 🙂

  7. Bura Man

    He keeps on saying ‘eh ‘ whenever he talks to the media
    This man shows authority and leadership
    Not scared of anyone

  8. ginger mcginge

    Why ask a manager? He has no clue. Shoddy journalism as per

  9. The Bizness

    We’re turning corner as Man Utd fans. The best manager we could ask for and now we’ll have owners who give a damn with unlimited funds

  10. eric kuria

    Stephen maina sported drinking in old trafford. Alikuwa na madem wa South Sudan. Sigara ni pesa ngapi. Uko wapi.nima na kana ti ma. Wira ni wira

  11. David Neraas

    The english football fans dont own their clubs anymore they have sold out arab regimes for short term success and with that have blood on their hands.

  12. Michael Lukic

    I've not felt that way about another man since sir Alex. What a man. And what a jobs he's doing.

  13. Luis Fernando Mariscal

    Guys what if we get an owner that fires ten hag?😢 like it happened at chelsea

  14. Jordan Mills

    I fuck8ng love this guy even if he is wearing a suit jacket over his tracksuit 😆

  15. Emile Hutchison

    My manager is the only manager in the world that can get away with swearing on live television😂😂💀.

  16. Joel Mead

    Ten Hag is too genius to need oil money. We need proper, sensible owners who invest 95% of our own profits back into our team. Not a state-run fake team.

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