Elite Average Games 2021 – Six of the Best

Count down Six of the Best from the Elite Average Games with commentators James Brayshaw and Nick Cody. All the highs and lows as Australia continued to dominate the EAG, including Fabian Frotheez’s memorable routine in the Rhythmic Spillnastics, Pricky Pam Patterson’s courageous victory in the 10km Barefoot Bindi Walk and Clutch Kennedy driving off with the gold in the Parallel Parking.

Count down from 6 to 1 and enjoy all the thrills and spills.

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  1. Charles Degryse

    Hilarious! These are the real champions!

  2. Samuel Young

    How dare Australia make up olympics and win all of them!!! I demand Justice!!!

  3. Brian Hu

    There should be a Paralympic equivalent of the Elite Average Games.

  4. Gunar Hofmann

    confirm my age with CC …. wtf!!!

  5. MakoRuu

    I want this to be a real annual competition.

  6. Un Curieux

    Youtube asking me "are you an adult" !? Maybe you can change setting :p

  7. Chris Bassett

    whoever thought this up is genius

  8. A C

    This is so better than the Super Bowl commercials!!!!

  9. Mad Dogg 4021

    Gary Flynn is my hero!

  10. Blujay

    What in the hell is a "bindi"? I only speak American, am pretty fluent in Canadian and can do just a little British. My Australian isn't strong at all.

  11. Dimon Aussie

    first fuckin add i'd like to watch more.))) go straya!!!

  12. Mike Duckworth

    How do i register and is CHADNESS illegal ?….. USA number JUAN!!!!!!!

  13. TheBrickBrack

    What were the things they were walking barefoot on? Bindi? Is that like a Lego? Sorry, American here, not familiar with what a Bindi is…

  14. Ron Pagano JD

    Games for the rest of us!!!! LOL

  15. Bryn Stephens

    Can someone please tell me what the music is in the background? Im assuming its a Wired World of Sports outro music or something like that… but i must know!

  16. Paver - Topic

    damn, ads inside ads

  17. Nintendorak Yamato

    name of music please?

  18. Rijax Bloodmore

    I would legit pay to watch this

  19. Kute KittyKat Productions

    I would KILL in the Beach Shade Wrestling competition. I don’t even know how I do it. Instinct takes over.

  20. AussieBattler46

    Enough of your stupid ads already

  21. Carl Brown

    Nice explanation I just hit the like button

  22. Jeremiah Aryeetey

    How do u make the odds appear in decimal points in money since I'm not comfortable

  23. Jasonjjw west

    Thanks for the tutorial. I just signed up with these guys. This video helped a lot.

  24. Alex Cernoch

    Bet online poker is so rigged. Trust me. If you want to give away money then go ahead. But you been warned

  25. Cold hearted

    How can I use it for wrestling

  26. Rockstar Tony

    Thanks for this!

  27. Carlos Mendez

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