Elite Average Games 2020 – Highlights

Commentators James Brayshaw and Nick Cody take us through all the highlights from another bumper day at the Elite Average Games where Australia continued to add to its swag of gold medals.

The Aussie Riggs-Howt combo pulled something special out of their Budgy Smugglers to take out the Synchronised Bomb Diving, while there was little risky business as Slippery Sam O’Keefe completed the Sock-Knee Slide double.

In the Towel Flick, Victor Rees took down his long-time rival as did Bluey McDonald in the Forgot a Grocery Bag Lifting and Boofa Benson in the Classic Catches.

But the highlight of the show was Gary Flynn’s trash to treasure story in the Wheelie Bin Sprint!

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  1. Ste Jer

    And here I am, thinking Australians always have an excellent sense of comedy.

  2. Cooper


  3. Kimberly Clute

    I love this

  4. phenomjoy

    I would buy tickets to this.

  5. Ron Warner

    What does he say @2:17 after the bit about the USA not having any golds? I can't make it out. It sounds like "Zahk-ee-sem-oze" to me.

  6. Peggy Smyth

    More of this please.

  7. Joseph Magil


  8. King Maelstrom the Esoteric

    USA has no gold, because we weren't properly invited.

  9. leslee goodwin

    Oh I desperately need this to become a real thing!

  10. enzoli23

    The only thing this needs is an OzzyMan Review to make it even more awesome.
    Also, the bin race was a Bradbury reference? :O

  11. Bertillio Zephyrsgate

    The Russians would get called for that – cheaters! 😅

  12. Fencing Speed & Agility - With Coach Bill

    part of the terrible "normalisation" of gambling. An activity that brings heartache and poverty to so many people. Kids Without shoes, Families without food, Marriages destroyed, they are the main events at the Elite Average Games

  13. Gus Driving In Australia

    "Sucked in Seppos", gold 🥇 from Nick Cody.

  14. Brady Sylvester

    Fuck the prodcution on this is insane

  15. Brady Sylvester

    Appreciate you putting NZ 2nd.

  16. chukkagirl

    We need more of these!

  17. Fernando Schreiner

    Argentina quedó 5to

  18. Pablo Mejia

    Los amoooooo me meo de la risa 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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