Egypt vs Sudan | AFCON 2021 HIGHLIGHTS | 01/19/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

The Pharaohs advance to the knockout stages as Mohamed Abdelmoneim’s header seals the victory for the Egyptians.

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  1. Vah Geuvje

    After Egypts goal during celebration, was it just me or the top guy on the pileup got punched .

  2. ammar Nagi

    Im both from sudan and like 45% from Egypt so i didn't know wich to vote for but i didn't relly care wich team won to but good Egypt and good luck going forward for Sudan

  3. Hasan A حسن الحنفي

    I say Nigeria is taking that AFCON CUP.

  4. Hasan A حسن الحنفي

    This Egyptian Team Is Weak. Where are you ABOO TEREKA!.

  5. Aayh Abdelgawad

    If Egypt don’t pull themselves together and figure something out quick they are going out in the round of 16 against the Ivory coast after their monster display against algeria

  6. Momen Amjad

    Can we speak about the fact that Sudan team was made only in 1 month with new players and new couch and they did all that damage I think sudan was way better than Egypt and in 2024 I think sudan can win the African cup and sudan defense today was awesome specially the goalkeeper, I'm speaking about Sudan defense was really good today.

  7. Lex Mensah

    African soccer's game is the best tournament to watch they played physical and skill

  8. Monsieur Africain

    Hard to defeat a team that speaks the same mother tongue as you.

  9. Souleymane Maiga

    Look like said shoot 9 of the 13 corner kick

  10. Lola Rashid

    Salah needs to just be careful and not get injured.

  11. epitaphhk13

    l'arbitre n'est pas juste

  12. massawa eritrea

    I will never believed if someone tell me Sudanese play dirty game, the Sudanese that I knew are so nice and kind just their team so dirty.. as they were playing to hurt Egyptian players more so than to win the game which is too bad, we all know Egypt are a better team but always you play to win the game.

  13. D.K

    Someone should tell the commentator to clear his throat.
    So annoying

  14. MILITO 537

    The video editing should be unacceptable

  15. Firas Bader

    The Egyptian they they not going to make it

  16. TMOT M

    Frustrating maaan, Sudan needs a much better attack, little to no action up top.

  17. Anza Westa

    2.32 min when celebrating the goal. Player # 4 punched the guy who jumped overtop on the face. Was #12 lol. That's hilarious 😆

  18. EgyptianKing#FSGOUT

    Well done Egypt

  19. sonandtwins

    Going by the stats as they do in Europe, Egypt created good numbers of chances, shots on target, and had most of the possession. Egypt's keeper was just challenged only once. It is picking up for Egypt.
    For Salah, he is performance is strongly dependent on the rest of the team and how much aggressiveness African referees allow, before using the cards.

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