EA Sports College Football is Back! Wishlist For Dynasty Mode!

EA Sports College Football is Back! The last time we got a new College Football Video Game was NCAA Football 14, now 8 years ago, and now it is time for a return. EA Sports announced on their twitter account that developing a new game has officially begun and the game will make a return in one of the most positive announcements we’ve had this year. There is some hesitation especially with how Madden looks on NExt gen and a lot of people are not happy. Will the next iteration of College Football look like Madden. Well in today’s video, we will go over a Wishlist For Dynasty Mode and what I would personally like to see in the next game. There are a ton of things I left off of the list. But at the very least, we need to be able to see some basic changes and some old features in previous games brought back. If they can do that. I think it will be a good start. Let me know what you guys want to see in the comment section below!

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  1. Legit Spartan

    It would be cool to have a CFM sort of thing going inside Dynasty, where you can play through Highschool and college, but then you can decide to either go into coaching or the NFL from there. If you go NFL you can eventually transfer your created player back as a coach with a reputation which boosts your recruiting ability as a coach. Maybe even going farther before coaching gives you a head start on other coaching ability’s. It would even be nice to transfer your experienced Coach to Madden once you’ve accomplished all you can at the college level.

  2. fonzomatt

    import a draft class to madden and the ability to import a coaching class to madden

  3. J-Man

    Would really love ABC, ESPN, Fox, CBS, NBC. Electric boards for the stadiums Hell Bells, College Football playoffs, Better Marching Band music upgrading Campuses Syracuse football train sound College Gameday big time all professional Football stadiums including MetLife Stadium I really enjoy playing Syracuse there lol. Also FCS schools as well also would love the Big 10 Network, local Fox Sports Networks if so the conference Networks hopefully MSG because apparently Syracuse Football and Basketball have been playing on that since the start of ACC debute. Also fans rush field for upsets.

  4. Gregory A.Champion

    My wishlist is to have all 130 schools.

  5. DemontimeDarius

    I miss the old NCAA with the magazine covers

  6. Spazzfrmda4lb

    We need to be able to have 130 user in online dynasty

  7. STW Media

    Tbh all they need to do is update NCAA 14 and remaster it for current gen. It's really not that hard, let's not make it difficult.

  8. ZombaHenry garrotKomp


  9. ZombaHenry garrotKomp


  10. AP 1974

    Great Video; loved the topic but also your clear presentation. Earned a sub.

  11. Calvin C. Jackson Sr.

    Add New Unforms

  12. Knights Templar

    I enjoyed the wish list video brother great job! ..I was hoping someone will cover the really important topics which is: in game action, interviews pre game, a half time show, post game show wrap up. Let me explain. O yaaa side note: QB cam like 2k5 would be nice, coaches cam as well. If I want to be OC/DC for West Virginia, I should have the option to see the field from the sky box view as OC/DC sees it during the game., or coaches cam as if I was on the sidelines as a head coach calling plays. Yes let us add (female players) as well. Along with Female refs, coaches. Stay equal please females are a part of College football as well.
    Pre-game College Game Day show travels from campus to campus each week with fans attending the show rowdyis ever!!!. 1st week Alabama, 2nd week Penn St., 3rd week Miami. 4. week UCLA. The pre game show is were they would cover important top #25 Saturday( match ups weekly, important team updates. As the season progress prior week games will be discussed along with storylines, stats, weekly awards, watch list, player updates, recruiting information, which coaches are on the hot seat, Heisman list, other finalists, weather conditions, leading up to weekly picks, and bowl game predictions.
    Halftime Show- sideline report quick word with the coach before heading into the locker, stats, injury updates, game highlights from other games in progress as well the game your playing, Breaking NEWS around College football, conversation about the big night game or upcoming games example: Nebraska vs Ohio St Saturday night primetime game. If the game your playing is the prime time 7pm game.
    Halftime show- will cover all major games played earlier, scores from around College football and conversation how a team could get back into the game or what changes must the coaches make ! don't say the same thing, announcers will use correct lines depending on how the flow of the game is going and results prior to Halftime!
    Post Game- recap show talks about other late night games that were played, upset of the day show fans storming the field, coaches getting a Gatorade bath! A interview with a player or coach on the field after the BIG upset win..Heisman hopeful highlights from around the league , scores from several not top 25 teams Example: New Mexico st 23 Ohio 20, top 25 scores are a must though, Best performance of the day ( not necessarily a player from a top 25 team, but it could be a QB for the unranked 3-3 Air Force Falcons who ran for 425 yards 5 TDs in a blizzard in a win against Wyoming" to help AF get its 3rd win of the season ) then Show a couple highlights of the AF QB scoring! Just don't talk about it please…. Or a DB for the 4-1Oregon St team, had 2 pick 6s against California to seal the must win..Show us those 2 4th quarter pick 6s keeping the Beavers in the PAC 12 race.
    Note: during the game please provide studio updates breaking in with highlights from other games Not just top 25 scores !Continue scores flashing at the bottom of the screen with breaking news, high-school commitments, or de-commitments including all coaches OC/DC/ST, fired or hired, school ADs fired as well, Weather delays, suspensions, season ending injuries, player transfers, coaching changes,
    Other things that needs to be in the game. A must Fans storming the field after a huge upset win! Live sidelines major updates please..male and female coaches talking to players, players talking to players. Back up QB/WR using hand signals and signs to communicate with players on the field. Back up players and their real numbers not everyone wearing #59 and are fat or thin swinging back and forth clapping or kneeling. Players on bikes stretching, on the phone with the OC or DC the sidelines are Alive. SIDELINES move when players are approaching, refs running to stop potential pushing matches when a player is tackled out of bounds, chain crews move up and down sidelines. coming on the field for measurements, ball boy and girls, women and men refs on the field, sidelines packed with media, please show us our potential recruits visiting standing on the sidelines with their high-school jacket or shirt on say announcers say a few things about the recruit visiting.. don't repeat. show some sorta bar above them from time to time throughout the game..that indicates if the Potential recruit is having fun or interested in the game/school their attending in person. His/her Team getting blown out recruiting bar maybe red= recruit not happy or interested coming anymore, close game yellow bar= undecided, winning the game recruit has a Green bar above his/her head= recruit is happy, could make a decision after the big game to sign or walk!! Online dynasty against other real opponents better pick the game to have your 3 star WR /4 star OLB attend carefully. Get blown out against your buddy online bye bye 3 star WR, cheerleaders, yell squad, mascots, TV crew, medical staff. Yes concussion tent were players go to be evaluated. Maybe a trip to the locker room shortly after.
    Weather gets worst as the game goes along ..Real weather please. Yes light snow at kick off , 3rd quarter blizzard can't see the lines on the field. Light ran then a down pour by Halftime then no rain in 4th quarter mud bath. Sun setting depending on the game time, shadows on the field. Cold games players play differently from warm weather games..Example: -12 outside players will take longer breaks on sidelines warming up..10u outside players over heat quicker.. more player and fan interaction..Fans grilling out in the parking lot before the game throw the ball around. Team bus pulls up and players walk off the bus giving high 5s to fans. Fans taking pictures of players with the media present as well. Players walk to the stadium depending upon their custom tradition. Fans walking into the stadium getting help finding their seats, student section alive like never before seen, face/body painting, signs, school chants, fans yelling in the TV cam as it passes by, security guards monitoring crowds, (hot dog/pizza person) selling items to fans. Signs held by fans #12 for Heisman! Crowd chants like fifa 21. Show fans leaving if their team is getting trashed, show band leaving their seats right before halftime then standing by the field waiting to March! talk about the band and sidelines. During timeouts showing people on the jumbo screen. Students going nuts doing the Wisconsin jump around, husker tunel walk, real stadium entrances. Refs huddling up for a potential major call or challenge. All player fouls including targeting. User can challenge calls including targeting!
    User able to Create any or all throw back teams from the past
    Example: 57 Sooner, 95 Huskers, 90 Colorado Buffs, 2010 Florida, 2000 Miami, 73 LSU, 66 Texas, 89 Notre Dame, 99 USC
    Create/design our own uniforms, stadium, team/ helmet logo, school, plays, yes high-school,
    Sorry for the lengthy wishlist but EA has a chance to make a game with no excuse because the next gen consoles are powerful enough to provide a true authentic College football experience for everyone to enjoy. EA you can make this game to be the best all time sports game EVER! Pre orders reaching numbers never seen before 6 months prior to launch. People will now buy a next gen console because of this game! $100 million in sales in the first 24 hours it's launched. Do it right EA old fans/players along with new fans..are dying for sports game that will shatter the ceiling!! Thousands young an old male and female fans myself included will stand in long lines waiting in the hot July weather to get a copy of the greatest game ever made. And we will pay for uniform packs without complaining, thats if you give us what we want. Thats a true College football game like never seen or played before. ReSet the gaming standards EA start with EA College Football 2022..Don't let us down like Madden has been doing for nearly a decade. "EA College Football it's in the game "

  13. Just a dude

    You touched on the position coaches! It would be cool if it had an affect on the recruits you went after! I like the idea of the all star game maybe it could have like a stock up or stock down kinda of effect.

  14. K. Money

    I would luv this and it would keep all invested..

  15. Caleb Pepper

    Fcs schools and Create a schools are a must.

  16. JasonPate Jr

    I think it’d be cool for wear you could move a player from defense and offense to the other side of the ball, for example say mid game your running back gets hurt and they allow you to put a safety in for him

  17. Joseph Lozano

    I think the CLC is gonna be huge with making college games, 2k needs to get in contact with them to start developing a college hoops game, and then San Diego studios needs to get in contact with them to start developing college baseball games, that would be great

  18. awsportsguy

    Bring back Discipline and no points either. I hated that, let me punish my players as I see fit. Bring back the recruiting from NCAA 13, that was more of a challenge than 14. Bring back export Draft Classes.

  19. A K

    Leave all your suggestions till the second or third version

    Bring out 2014 for newer consoles now

  20. A K

    They need to make the throw away 2012 style not 2014

  21. James Henry

    Diggs was WR and Saban encouraged him to be a DB. Now look at him now. Saban is the goat!!!

  22. Cody Heard

    Stephen, I know you may not have any control over it, but is there any way these podcasts can come back to Spotify? It’s easier for me to listen to at work. If not, I understand I just thought I’d ask about it

  23. Kenneth Taylor

    Everybody keeps saying Rees is going to come in run heavy the tape on ND shows a balance a lot motion over balance to run and trip ,Trey sets with 4 wide outs very good balance

  24. Jim Kennedy


  25. Brenda Overton

    I’m a proud ALabama girl grew in my proud state and love and my CTimson Tide thanks for all upull do to keep them roomy wel I sstrviateesch of you ❤

  26. Alphonso Davis

    I wanted Pruitt,but Coach Saban got this he think Steele is his guy so that's how it's gonna be

  27. Elmer Fudd

    BAMA needs Pruitt back as DC

  28. Mike Marshall

    We really needed coaches that can develop the players… We've always had the talent… Hopefully we get back to that Bama Standard…

  29. sw7859

    I trust The Coach to select the best to fit his game. After all the next Coordinator I hire will be my first. How could I help him in any way?

  30. wT BR

    The Steel curtain

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