Draft Day (2014) – The NFL Draft Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

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The Cleveland Browns have the first pick of the 2014 NFL Draft and Sonny (Kevin Costner) makes a surprise choice.

An NFL general manager (Kevin Costner faces tough decisions on draft day in this sports drama from director Ivan Reitman. Jennifer Garner, Dennis Leary, Frank Langella and Ellen Burstyn co-star.

TM & © Lionsgate (2014)
Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Frank Langella, Denis Leary, Tom Welling, Arian Foster, Kevin Costner, Josh Pence
Director: Ivan Reitman
Producers: Ali Bell, Gigi Pritzker, Ivan Reitman, Tom Pollock, Joe Medjuck, Michael Beugg, Jason Blumenfeld

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7 years ago, there were 5 quarterbacks selected in the first 2 rounds of the 2014 NFL draft. How did their careers go?

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Outro- The Fix by Aldous Young
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Evan Zaruba

    Mahomes, no matter what.

  2. Matt Molliver

    Same deal the Niners made to trade up to take Trey Lance LOL

  3. Justin Kornfeld

    RIP to Vontae Mack!

  4. MarkH10

    I'd refuse that role if I were an actor. No way am I playing a football player chosen by the Browns. The character is seeing the end of his career before it gets started, and I am seeing my acting career evaporate by extension.

  5. Dwayne powell

    Joe Montana… Is truly the best quarterback of all time….

  6. TIB1973

    As cheesy as this movie is, I kind of licked it.

  7. UTubeUser Online

    Diddy is a trash 🗑 actor in this movie. Only got famous cause his friend Biggie died

  8. FleeebCrabin Productions

    This movie is the Citizen Kane for overweight, acne infested “football know it all’s” who religiously call in to their local sports radio shows and make asses out of themselves with their boring opinions.

  9. Terminator69

    It’s like what hockey coach Herb Brooks said; “I’m not looking best players, I’m looking for the right ones”.

  10. Paco Gomez

    🤡: "When this team starts winning, we'll go back to the new tradition."

    Cleveland Browns, everyone!

  11. clint fowler

    The problem with this film is you’re not sure where the team is…. Are they pretty talented at receiver and o line? If so, it makes sense to stick with a solid healthy veteran QB and go get the best pass rusher and running back in the draft….

    But if this team was not ready to win, it would get sonny fired. You could draft bo Callahan and develop a team around him…. Or you could have sat at 7 and picked one of your studs and lost no draft picks

  12. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Draft day is so life-changing that televising it was a stroke of genius for ESPN.

  13. shamus248

    Chadwick's acting enhances this scene so much. RIP

  14. Mark Henry

    Expensive day.
    7 million more for 1st rounder.
    Three 2nd round picks.

  15. GoPACKGo

    In this movie the Browns passed on the hyped prospect quarterback to select a random guy called Mack and in real life the Browns passed on a guy called Khalil Mack to select the hyped up quarterback Johnny football…. No more words to say

  16. Brandon Tilley

    Little did they know that they were soon going to be 1-15 and 0-16

  17. Josh Siegel

    2:30 literally Shane Wright in the 2022 NHL draft.

  18. JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

    I forgot Chadwick Boseman was in this movie too


  19. Kang Mas Pandu

    Love this movie

  20. Yuh Aye

    It feels like this happened just yesterday, time really flies

  21. Troy Polamalu #Pittsburgh #Dynasty #FreeWatson

    Bro all backup QB's are garbage.

  22. Julio Rodriguez

    Can you honestly say Tom Brady is the greatest? I seen all his games. What I see, that he has best offensive line in the nfl. Seriously he can’t even handle a normal blitz. Please stop giving this idiot praise. Anyone with that legendary offensive line can be a goat. Praise those players that protected him. Also if don’t believe me, Tom Brady not handling a biltz. Please look at the giants game or San Francisco one. Tell me? Why didn’t he win those games? The best quarterbacks could’ve won those games. Brady depended on his line to put those numbers. Also if he played in a time where players like Reggie White and Lawrence Taylor were active. Tom Brady would be a memory. So please stop praising him, look at the men who got him there.

  23. Glen DeLong

    I have only Cheered for 2 QB's in my life 1) Carr 2) Mayfeild. why, I seen how the teams transformed the minute they took over on the field. Watched both games as these two took over QB spots and watched as even the defense tried harder to me that spoke volumes about who they are. I hope both land somewhere this off season and both the raiders and browns continue to suck.

  24. Bob Riedel

    It's Jaguars, not Jaguires.

  25. Melo Fleitas

    David Carr had 7 head coaches and 4 OC and still has had a really good career i feel wherever he lands youll see his best imo

  26. flyingchimp12

    Man I wish bortles was still around, he wasn’t too good but man he’s like that old pair of underwear, there’s a lot of sentimental value there

  27. The Big Whoop

    That's not how I remember Teddy 2 gloves getting hurt. He made a move during a game and completely blew his leg out. I vividly remember how his knee was going the wrong way

  28. rjillidge3

    Still it would have been hilarious to see the Cowgirls draft Johnny Football. Jerry wanted to but Stephen made the right call on not drafting him.

  29. Jeffery Reed

    Wow poor Jags seems like they never get good QBs Mark Burnel was my opinion was just a step under good he wasn't bad but wasn't good he's well above average an Byron Leftwich wasn't to good for them an David Garrard was average at best of course Blaine Gabert was a bust an I thought Blake Bortels would b good but he was horrible I really hope Trevor Lawrence does good for them bcuz they really need it

  30. BrAD Strayer

    Jags still haven't changed. I don't think Trevor Lawrence is gonna turn the corner.

  31. Tommy Beardsley

    Jimmy g played at eastern illinois not eastern kentucky

  32. benjamin wild

    Brady is overrated

  33. convilcali

    I need to see that money sign in Golf 💲💲💲

  34. Brandon Vandine

    Car is solid but not that good but could be but not a bust but on a terrible team bad organization

  35. aregua1

    My favorite QB of this group is Teddy Bridgewater. Even though people think he hasn't done much, he has always played well and has earned over $62 million over his 9 year career. ….Blake Bortles was one of the worst NFL quarterbacks I've ever seen. The year the Jaguars went deep into the playoffs, the Jaguars coaches literally would not allow him to throw passes in any critical situation……Jimmy Garopolo was overhyped and overrated.

  36. quedeo

    The fact that Teddy Bridgewater is not a franchise quarterback is a travesty.

  37. Ho Ho

    Blake is the 🐐🐐🐐

  38. Honest Reviewer

    still think if Bortles was drafted by a good franchise he woulda been really good. But it is what it is

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