Does fixed match exist? [What you need to know about fixed matches and my advice]

My sincere review and advise on fixed matches and also things you should know about fixed match.
[The truth and my advice/warning].
Let me make it known here also that all the games you do see on social medias (like facebook, telegram, instagram, twitter among other browser), they are all predictions and not fixed match. I will make you understand this better in my next video. so hit the Subscribe button now if you haven’t, to get notified when ever I release a new video.

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  1. wokoz Denish Amos

    I was almost in that trap .. but coz of ur video I decided to put back my money in ma pocket

  2. Perrrfectit Buddy

    Haha the truth is all sports are rigged and acted by professional actors

  3. Adrian Dark

    Sports betting can get you a lot of cash but it’s a tough . I did a lot of betting and lost most times😔, after a while I started searching in local town from some big fellas for a something and they helped me get back everything I lost in betting, I’m currently living debt free after a long time.Thats the only way i had experience with 'strategies' in betting…. everyone who advertise and try to sell you 'betting strategies' and some crap avoid

  4. Ali G.

    Unibet fixed matches with 130K subscribers is a scam. No one should believe and invest money. They say we are giving games for $ 200 and they are constantly demanding money from you with excuses and not giving the games. Do not believe them.

  5. Emmanuel Nwabuike

    I lost #200,000 in naira all in the name of fixed match

  6. Grigoruță Valentin

    Ohhh, this english, or whatever it is.

  7. Salvation Joseph

    Those scammers scared me
    Thanks bro for letting me know👍👍

  8. Hardcoldlens

    it is unfortunate that people still fall for these fixed match scams. FIXED MATCHES ARE 100% REAL and everyweek there are lots of fixed games, BUT these games would NEVER be advertised, most times only a few people in the team even know the game is fixed. All fixed match adverts are SCAMS. Adiga, you did well with this video

  9. ole sanampa kinyagah

    I agree with you.

  10. Goliath Michelo

    Thanks for the message

  11. Thabang Makhayi

    Thank you… I almost got pulled… U really make sense

  12. June Rhathy

    I made my first $48,000 through king kokoo marteaz fixed match on Facebook He's a life saver

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