Divisional Round NFL Game Picks & Win Probability | NFL 2021

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  1. Parker Wedding

    What did I say bengals,chiefs,49s,rams

  2. Chaos driven

    None of them were right lol

  3. BowtieLife89

    Mamas wrong again hahahahahaha suck that 🤣 🐏 baby whats up baby

  4. Erica

    All these were wrong, and Chiefs are currently playing so we'll see how that goes.

  5. Brant Hollingsworth

    The “probability” winners are laying eggs so far

  6. Julio da rat

    This aged well lol

  7. Billy Martin

    0-2 so far, Bengals and 49ers knock out Packers and Titans. Rams and Bills have potential to pull off upsets today too. Update: Rams win, Bills lose in OT 1-3, Chiefs cover spread.

  8. Davi Clar

    When was the last time the 1st seeded teams both lost in the divisional round?

  9. avatar

    2 divisional games on Saturday, two wrong picks, will see how the "pros" picks turnout today.

  10. ZERO TWO

    Who’s here after the bengal game

  11. Memes and Memes

    Who’s here after Green Bay lost to San Francisco💀💀

  12. G3X. SF and LA RAMS Fan

    The Green Bay game prediction is wrong! NINERS WON!!!!!

  13. The best

    Bengals and chiefs

  14. K-2

    So much bias lmao not one upset

  15. mike sonnenfeld

    2 games are over and both teams who won they predicted a loss. Disappointed

  16. Jay Coolx3

    Well 2 of these didn't age well

  17. Tommy Dong

    This video is 0-2

  18. LLG Jelli

    Any here after packers and Titans both loose🤡

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