Derek Carr's release from Las Vegas Raiders was inevitable | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Mike Florio and Chris Simms detail why the Raiders were destined to release Derek Carr rather than pay him .4 million in guaranteed money, and share why the Saints and Jets make the most sense for his next stop. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #DerekCarr
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Derek Carr’s release from Las Vegas Raiders was inevitable | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC
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  1. Brandon de weil

    Simms now suggesting kellen mond for the raiders…lol lol lol I hear he's available!! What a scout no wonder you and your ball boy got a day gig

  2. Golden King

    Finally people are starting to realize that Carr simply isn't good enough to make it to the Superbowl! 💯👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Dakota Buckman

    Come on now Eli manning won 2 superbowls you can't tell me that with everything in the right place that he can't make it there too.

  4. Papajo Chris

    Dak Prescott in the playoffs, lol

  5. Sas Esq

    Thank you guys for being realistic that Derek Carr had a bad season, and that the Raiders had good reason to move on from him. Carr reached a plateau. McDaniels needs to win now. If they beef up the DL and OL, maybe Stidham can make them a playoff-caliber team next year.

  6. Kalob Griffin

    We've wasted him…

    We freaking wasted him!!!

  7. Otto

    How funny would it be if KC picked up Carr to be PM2 backup.

  8. Dallas Herd

    Rodgers to the Jets, Carr to the Saints. Jets have a top 4 toughest strength of schedule and Saints have the second easiest schedule. Both teams have top 10 defenses, easy. I just feel Jets need a bigger push because of their tough strength of schedule. I also fee Joe Douglas wants Rodgers to mentor Zach because Douglas whiffed on that Zach draft pick.

  9. Patrick Grove

    Josh McDaniels is a crummy coach

  10. Jason Y

    Carr was mentored by Gruden … Very Coachable…. McDaniels needs his QB that learned Patriots system already…. This QB is extremely coachable; he was humbled by the complexity of Gruden and Josh needs new blood. Only because Carr already proved himself and his Worth…. He isn't a Cam Newton run by the seat of your pants 👖 QB. However; McDaniels needs to keep his job and he needs to do what is best for that position in order to stay out of the hotseat. He needs to stay grounded with football and family life. It is all good.

  11. Vincent Oravec

    Carr is a poor mans Kirk Cousins, period.

  12. John Anderson

    When is this show on I have Xfinity use to watch it but don't see them in anymore wtf

  13. Vinnie Hugo

    Many great coaches struggle in first season as coach. I believe the Raiders Josh McDaniels will get this going in the right direction. Dropping Carr was the right move

  14. Cameron Davis

    Derek Carr is a backup level QB. Never won a playoff game, probably never will.


    Josh McDaniel is a fool and an a hole. Derek was robbed

  16. akvalues

    He was a true professional, they weren’t!!! No way Al Davis would have treated him this way! His weird ass looking son. Who grew up rich has no character! Like most kids with money!! Cornball shit!!

  17. JRay

    Carr could've handled this better. For such a religious guy. He took his ball and went home.

  18. Eddie Winehosen

    That's the best example you could come up with Simm, Foles??? FFS Trent Dilfer won a SB, I'm a Ravens fan but that has to be one of the worst QB's to ever win.

  19. Francis Lu

    DC's top priority for choosing his next team should be OL and weather. Ao which teams in NFC South and West can provide?

  20. Ligaff The Indifferent

    Carr will be in HIGH demand. Jets, Houston, Colts, Dolphins, Saints, Panthers, Redskins, Cardinals, and Carolina are potential suitors.

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