Dane Brugler Reviews All 10 Jets Draft Picks | New York Jets | 2021 NFL Draft

Dane Brugler Reviews All 10 Jets Draft Picks | New York Jets | 2021 NFL Draft

Dane Brugler Reviews All 10 Jets Draft Picks | New York Jets | 2021 NFL Draft

The Athletic NFL Draft expert Dane Brugler breaks down each of the Jets 10 draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft.
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  2. Jesse Whelan

    Alex Smith as backup!!

  3. Larry Harris

    We had a brilliant draft.

  4. Its_NateAgain

    Interesting I was least excited about Echols I didn’t think he much more than an undersized athlete but I trust Dane the preseason is gonna be so fun because it seems like every spot is open

  5. King Blaze

    Zach Thomas… Nuff said

  6. GLADE C

    Jets get GREEN LIGHT

  7. Rafik Baines

    Your 2022 super bowl champions, the New York Jets!

  8. Jeffrey Holmes

    Great draft!!! 👏 👍

  9. Jose Sanchez

    God Is Good

  10. Jose Sanchez

    Jesus Loves You

  11. Jose Sanchez

    Jesus Is King

  12. Jack White

    Let's gooooooooooo

  13. Christopher Mirkovich

    It's so nice to hear actual good news from the Jets

  14. KDUDE25

    Dane I can tell you now, majority of the jets fan base loves the AVT trade. AVT gonna come in and make an immediate impact day one right next to becton. Great trade! This was a great draft class. Cant wait to see how this team looks come September!

  15. Loredana Marie

    This is gonna be a fun team to watch and I can't wait #Jetup

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