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  1. Wes Clayton

    I despise unders for this very reason. Fantastic play on the CIT/ETSU ⬇️, but playing unders especially when the spread is 5 or less inherently takes 2-3% off one’s edge because the likelihood OT happens is much greater than if the spread is -8, -9…where OT is much unlikelier to occur. Still great analysis, but I hate unders with close spreads. Robbery you lost that play.

  2. Joan Turner

    My Pick #121 7 pm Thurs 3/3 CB Siena +3 uploaded 7:06 pm

  3. Carlton Lane

    Rangers hurt but it was a good bet just a bad beat.

  4. Eric Catherine

    Let's have a very lucky day

  5. JeTe85 Lions Den

    Thanks for todays plays! Yeah Rangers match was rough yesterday as I had it under myself and then I bet some more when u said under 🤣 but oh well back at it today!

  6. Matthew Levine

    King Ryan

  7. James Nolan

    Always fade Ryan when wearing the nasa shirt. I got a system on it😂

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