Cougar Classic: Jimmer Scores 52 vs. New Mexico

Cougar Classic: Jimmer Scores 52 vs. New Mexico

Cougar Classic: Jimmer Scores 52 vs. New Mexico

On March 11th, 2011, Jimmer Fredette put on arguably the best performance of his career and one of the best BYU Basketball performances of all time, scoring 52 points to help defeat New Mexico and break the BYU Single Game and All-Time Scoring Records.

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  1. wrecktangle

    "They're the lucky ones, they get to touch Jimmer"…. 4:54

  2. John Nguyen

    Basketball court looks big af

  3. Waimea Guyz

    then why isn't he playing for the NBA?

  4. Follow the Leader 88

    That's one of the best basketball performances in college, HS, or the NBA that anybody has ever seen. He scored 33 points in the first half without getting fouled hahaha. That's insane.

  5. Nick Brown

    I am a huge BYU fan. I love the program, and what it stands for. I adamantly disagree with what they did to Brandon Davies and any student who is trying to live up to the high standards of the school and makes a mistake. It was wrong. It violates so many moral lines. First is the confidentiality between an individual and their ecclesiastical leader. Second, Davies confessed which is how BYU learned of this. And third, the school released why they suspended him where other schools would just say a violation of school rules.
    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Disgusting. I am glad BYU is addressing these issues and doing things differently. Kicking Davies off the team was wrong.

  6. Eric Halpenny

    Love it but seeing Davies on the bench still hurts….

  7. Scott Soward

    Miss watching this guy!

  8. jacob swiney

    This might have been his biggest test for a title

  9. TheUnforeseenNBA

    Damn, Kevin Harlan has never been more excited! Jimmy Freaking Butler!

  10. KT1925

    Kevin Harland is literally the best commentary ever, period. "WHERE DID HE PULL THAT OUT OF HIS BAG OF TRICKS"

  11. KingLev_

    Jimmy: This my shit!

    Dwayne: This my house!

    LET’S GO HEAT!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  12. Neil Rotoni

    “Thats my shit! Thats my shit!”

  13. Rod Tha God

    This doesn’t have nearly enough views… it ain’t pretty it’s INCREDIBLE!!!!

  14. Ramsey Wedlaw

    Idc what Anybody says Jimmy Butler deserve NBA Finals ring and Finals MVP. And I hope it's the year that the Heat Gets it

  15. Vital Pharmacy

    jimmy butlers performance was much greater than stephs, more points, career high, against a tougher opponent, yet everyone talks about steph…

  16. Kyle Greenwood

    Jordan 🧬 Activated

  17. ERGI

    Bro is Miami’s only highlight of the first qrt from 3 to 28 pts

  18. KO Sports Talk

    Space Jam 3 starring Jimmy Buckets.

  19. westbrick

    Greatest playoff performance of all-time

  20. johan liebert

    Guy deserves a ring.

  21. xglad dope

    Jimmy is my new favorite

  22. xglad dope

    Butler the bucks killer

  23. yoboomer

    jimmy jordan you did it

  24. Brian Batista

    Horrendous defense. He’s coming right back down to earth against the Knicks

  25. Maynard Capellan

    The lost SON OF Jordan.. Best time for DNA Test????????

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