Conference Realignment: How does it affect college football? | Breaking the Huddle

Joel Klatt takes a look at conference realignment and reveals how it affects the future of college football. First, he explains why the USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins would leave for the Big Ten and why the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners would leave for the SEC. Then, he reminds people that conferences have changed constantly in college football. Lastly, Klatt reveals why the changes we’ve seen this offseason are good for the future of the sport.


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Conference Realignment: How does it affect college football? | Breaking the Huddle




    Do you believe conference realignment is good for the future of college football?

  2. Jean-Pierre C

    I vehemently disagree with all of his points. This is about pure greed. College football will be doomed for the unforeseeable future.

  3. James thomas

    I stopped watching college football for a variety of reasons and this is one of them. Too many schools are going to get screwed and I don't want to witness it.

  4. Connor King

    How exactly do mega conferences fix the parity problem when they’re ostracizing like 50% of the power 5 schools and incentivizing kids to join one of the mega conglomeration conference schools? The parity problem might get better within those conferences but they’ll still have a significant recruiting allure over teams not in the conferences. On another note, even though I’m not huge a fan of one specific school I always liked the geographical aspect of the game and it’s impact on not only rivalries but only having to drive 4-5 hours for a good portion of your team’s road conference games.

  5. Tar Heel

    Spot on. This realignment is about consolidating the bigger brands/flagships and contracting the size of the top football tier. Good or bad is debatable.

  6. Imil Reeves

    texas a&m and Mizzou started it 🤔

  7. Matthew Huszarik

    I would like college football to structure themselves like European football where you rise in leagues as you get better and if you get worse you drop in leagues. Example
    Top 20 teams in two conferences in the top tier.
    The next 20 teams in two conferences in the next tier.
    The 41-60 teams in two conferences in the third tier.
    The 61-80 teams in two conferences in the forth tier.
    The 81-100 teams in two conferences in the fifth tier.
    The 101-120 teams in two conferences in the sixth tier.
    Rules you can only play teams in your tier or two above or below. You can only schedule games against teams one tier above or below.
    Regular seasons. You play the 9 teams in your conference and two teams in the same tier opposite conference on a rotation and a final first game of the season play a game against a team not in your tier.
    Playoffs. The top three teams in each conference make the playoffs. The number three and number two team from opposite conferences play and the top teams in each conference get a bye week. The the winners of the 2 & 3 match up play the top seeds. The winners of those games play for the title of each tier. The champion of tier one is the national champion. The top team of each conference moves up a tier each year and the bottom teams moves down.

    You can massage this many different ways more smaller conferences per tier say 4 8 team conferences. Play 7 conference games, 3 same tier other conference games and 2 free game with any conference within 2 tiers. Ect.

  8. Terence W

    Because of conference realignment CFB has been one crazy ride

  9. Steve Lunde

    I think overall parity is impossible and I think it will destroy interest in the fans with the money. With that being said, I think parity can be achieved with class tiers. At division 1A (FBS) needs to be separated from the group of 5 tier. The rest(?) of the FBS schools also need to be tiered separately from the FCS (1AA) schools or integrated with them.
    i.e. TIER 1 — SEC, BIG 10, ACC
    TIER 2 — AAC, c USA, MAC, MWC, SBC (sunbelt).
    TIER 3 — FCS ( 1AA)

    I see absolutely no reason that the top schools, that bring in the majority of money and professional opportunity would even consider diluting their product. Just follow the money.
    This isn't a question of right and wrong or what is fair. This is about reality. If anyone thinks it is about fairness, tell me how NIL is "fair" to everyone. How about the transfer portal? How fair is it to the student athletes that give up their scholarship and can't find a school to take them on? The school they left is under no obligation to hold that vacated scholarship, nor should they be.
    * Fair doesn't exist outside of a boxing ring. Fair is called into question by those who have no control of a particular situation in which they either have not and/or they lose.
    Love listening to you Joel Klatt!
    It sounds like they're going to implement a 12 team playoff by 2025!!! There's your parity?

  10. Cifer

    I love when the doomsayers who hate the idea of 2 mega conferences start ranting and raving. Like that's not how the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, all operate lol

  11. Nicholas Woods

    It doesn’t change anything, everyone relax

  12. chris122176

    I’m all for the B1G and SEC expanding while playing a conference only schedule.

    College football needs more must see match ups throughout the season.

  13. mgoboski

    I don't want to hear about this topic until December

  14. 2299mikey

    It’s gonna be horrible for college football but the good part is it will destroy fox sports

  15. Patrick Boren

    Conference re-alignment hurts because it diminishes the Power 5 programs that are being made weak. Fans are dropping like flies with this since it is such an unclean surgery. The saving factor will be the 12-team playoff expansion being overwhelming approved tomorrow allowing this to begin in 2024 season. This will help but has made many fan bases disillusioned. Don't think that just because you represent the media that you understand the fans. The fans don't give a flip about the money. The money is coming from the fans (viewership) yet it seems the group the media is offending is the PAC/Big XII and ACC fan bases, especially teams like Oregon State that may not even be in a power 5 conference. You want parity? Yeah that is the Big XII.

  16. david boniface

    The attendance is down actually. The other points are correct.

  17. Michael F. Bender

    College football is eventually going to break away from the NCAA and form their own league.

  18. YodaSmokesWeeeed

    No more conferences. They need to come up with a schedule with great weekly matchups and only a few “cupcakes”. No Alabama, you can’t play Tennessee-Chattanooga in week 10. And yes you do have to play true road games, tough to be like everybody else I know. This would solve most issues with cfb rn.

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