1. RH komol

    When watching your videos, I accidentally hit β€˜like’ and never knew when.

  2. Genius Fabius

    Crazy soocer goals πŸ€ͺ
    TG ⚽Dimas Dibaks Football⚽️

  3. Football moments 🌡⚽

    Creator with Football content⚽
    Everything start all over again hereπŸ™
    Every sub is a motivation for meπŸ’š

  4. William Albrechtsen

    The clip with pulisic from Chelsea wasn’t funny

  5. abdullahiabdirizack 16

    Haaland carrot🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  6. Frank N. Stein

    I used to be a football fan, but then I got an education.

  7. YT Football

    finally completed 100M subriber my chennel


    Very funny football videos🀣🀣

  9. Fatty Ng

    6:27 what is that? Train go on the pitch?

  10. Rangaswamy Mandla


  11. djouwera idrissou

    T'es juste un crac bro je kiffe grave

  12. Gabi

    OTP Bank Liga 😍😍

  13. GC11HD

    Amazing video bro πŸ”₯

  14. Party people

    So nice πŸ˜‚

  15. Marco Kurz

    Take an old previously edited video, repost it, and pretend it's new. More clicks, more money.

  16. Moeketsi Rakosa


  17. All rounder 01

    Messi or Ronaldo??? πŸ€”

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