College Football: Where Brands Matter Not Geographic Location | Conference Realignment | B1G, Big 12

David Smoak and Craig Smoak discuss the importance of brands in college football and how location doesn’t matter anymore.

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  1. Dan Hauser

    Sorry you are provincial and living in the past…..TVs and population matter …called growth of markets…
    California is not growing and Arizona and Utah and Colorado are……increased viewership are critical to TV and subscription growth and reaching the public…advertising….equals money $$$. Therefore …Dallas, Tampa and Houston Markets reflect future growth of viewership…..slower growing areas , remote markets , mean zilch….ie Waco,Stillwater and Ames, except they have greater penetration in markets that don’t compete with other sports and/or the people have more time on their hands.

  2. ambivert1970

    This clip contradicts Dodd who claimed Big 12 was advised to not take Oregon and Washington because their brand added nothing and that geography was more important. Who’s telling the truth? I don’t care whether wvu plays in the big 12 or ACC. I just want to play Pitt and VT every year. To college fans, matchups matter. Backyard Brawl matters. black diamond matters. Rivals matter.

  3. Robert Widby

    With the statement by The SEC putting a halt to expansion, sounds like the Big 12 may end up as the only super conference. Then what?

  4. Larry Benton

    Remember, this is all for UCLA's ignorant athletic department for running up a $100 million deficit in 3 years on the verge of bankruptcy. Bloated staffing headcounts and a rented stadium they don't own, with no big boosters willing to write a check.

  5. Joe Khatib

    TV eyeballs really matter now in this new environment! Branding is important in perception but doesn’t make any money for a conference because logo, apparel etc… goes to the individual school and the companies that produce and sell the merchandise! 🤔

  6. A Mac

    Can the new Big 12 schools leave for another conference without penalty right now?

  7. werd werdwerd

    LA doesn't matter? Please. Geography does matter.

  8. Mr. H

    It’s about the market the BigTen chose Rutgers due to being 30 miles from NYC the closet D1 school to NYC Syracuse is 242 mi from NYC. Maryland the DC market

  9. BrianPlato

    Why is no one talking about maybe students and recruits won’t want to travel all over the country to play these games and loss of rivalries will cause fans to be less interested and watch less

  10. Happiness97

    Does God love me if I'm gay?

  11. MogulFarmer

    Get some former athletes and coaches to talk about geography on your show. LA sux, btw. The TV ratings for college football in LA are low. You have pockets of alumni in PV, the South Bay, and the west side (Brentwood, Palisades). There are probably more viewers in the OC. Otherwise people in LA could care less about college football. Also, USC and UCLA were mediocre with one of the top recruiting regions in the US. I guess it’s too sunny and relaxed in LA to produce champions anymore.

  12. C B

    Meanwhile game attendance keeps slipping, viewership numbers for the playoffs are still flat

  13. lowecorey 25

    Basically OUR football is going to become what the European Super League was going to be and unfortunately us as Americans and CFB fans aren't a united front against this monopoly. The European fans saw right through the bs and destroyed it for the good of their game.

  14. Boxerz

    NDSU is a national brand, especially for not being FBS. Invite them to FBS, only thing holding them back is they need that invite

  15. Ron Lowney

    😁 Oregon State lost to Utah State last year and only beat Portland State by 3 points! Oregon State, Power 5 School? 🤣

  16. Ron Lowney

    🤷‍♂️ Virginia Tech would be a good addition to the Big-12! The ACC will be dead by 2036! The clock is ticking! ⏰

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