College Football Power Rankings: Ohio State JUMPS Bama, Tennessee keeps rising | CBS Sports HQ

Dennis Dodd joins CBS Sports HQ to break down his latest college football Power Rankings.


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The Cover 3 crew preview the newest AP Top 25 College Football poll!


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  1. Demetrius McClellan

    How can you judge a team with a backup QB.

  2. M B (mandohawkeye)

    Sorry but Bama should be number 1 easily
    They are way better than any of the other teams

  3. M B (mandohawkeye)

    Bama is the best

  4. Steve Bridges

    UGA, Bama, USC, and UCLA should already each have at least one loss. So biased.

  5. Sonny The Big Dummy

    Bama gonna beat Tennessee like an abused tweaker.

  6. Casually Nerdy

    “I am having trouble keeping Ohio state out of first place” is moronic mindset

  7. Alphonso Thomas

    OSU haven't played against nobody yet so they supposed to look good until they play a good team. Georgia is the top dawg

  8. ryanrobin12

    Mark my words. And it will be hard to believe because they really have come out of nowhere, but, Tennessee will win the natty this year. This team is unbelievable this year and no one can stop their offense

  9. Yeayea

    OSU is on the season in shambles tour playing notre dame, Wisconsin, MSU. They appear inflated. I think they will continue doing this just like last year and then lose to Michigan, the Big ten champs for the second year in a row.

  10. Black Mountain Cycles

    Good teams get a win against bad teams.
    Great teams cover the spread against bad teams.

    OSU is different than the rest.

  11. Burnell Brown

    "If they win that game, u gotta put em at#1, kause its 2 top 10 teams.." Meanwhile, Ohio State vs ND was 2 top 5 teams, didnt hear anything aBout how great of a win that was in our "weak" schedule. The Bs Bias is real. U put Bama or Georgia name where ohio states was and wed still B hearing aBout how ND was whipped so Bad they forgot how to play for a month.

  12. Nepty


  13. Seth Anderson

    #3 Alabama- 30. #6 Tennessee-37
    #10 Penn State- 23. #5 Michigan- 20

  14. Teddrick Clark

    “Two top 10 teams they gotta be #1” #2 Ohio state vs #5 Notre Dame (whom we know now sucks) Ohio state moves to #2 😂

  15. Terance Ashford

    Where is penn state

  16. NO∆H

    How do you have the team that has beaten the most ranked opponents out of every top 5 team, and one of the only two teams of the top 5 (including OSU) that has not had a struggle win against an unranked opponent, at six?

  17. Clairon Hall

    Uuhhh… everyone keeps having such a hard time putting poor Ohio State out of the top spot?!! 🙄 So Bama and Georgia have both become ducks?!! They have each laid a golden one! Meanwhile, what does the buckeyes do? Beat down and blow out everyone so far?!! Guys, this SEC bias has become NAUSEATING!!! Trying to stay healthy! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔😳🙄🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤐😉 Buckeye nation?!! Go Bucks!!!

  18. Landon L.

    Everytime I hear or see Dodd, I can't help but think of Memento.

  19. Don’t talk Just play

    Beamer ball!!

  20. Tracy Edwards

    We BELIEVED in USC 🏈 BABY. !!! Gonna WHOOP UTAH.

  21. Florida

    Georgia's win over Tennessee looks meh now, everyones doing it.

  22. DG youtube

    Someone tell me one good team clempson has played and beaten? I think they loose again very soon.

  23. Joel

    Coaches and AP poll has SC ranked at 27/28 rn so I wouldn’t be surprised seeing them in from the CFP

  24. CamALot

    why dude in the top right always think sc doesn’t deserve to be ranked 😭

  25. Manuel Shaul

    But why shouldn't Alabama get in don't LSU have two loses also

  26. Daniel Bitzer

    The PAC 12 is a top three conference this season. The weakest link is a coin flip between the ACC and the Big 12

  27. Noah Payne Noah Gayne

    UCF still in the top 25 with 3 losses after losing to NAVY at HOME… ??? LOL

  28. Bless ‘Em Breaks

    The SEC bias is such a joke. How does Tennessee only fall 4 spots after gettin boat raced by an unranked South Carolina team but the week before Oregon falls 4 spots by losing to a very good Washington team by only 3 pts??
    Tennessee shouldve dropped at least 8 spots, it happened to UCLA as well. Its ridiculous tbh

  29. American Patriot

    Clemson enter the play-offs, this system is a cooked Turkey.

  30. Nektarios

    I just hope carolina beats clemson next week. Crushing the dreams of Tennessee and Clemson in one season would be /chef's kiss

  31. Kenneth Hoffman

    USC needs only to have signs of a pulse and respiration to be put on a limousine and driven past every other team.

  32. Rob D

    Tenn losing opens door for Clemson to sneak in if usc loses.

  33. Noles 99

    Kentucky is 6-5! How many times do they need to lose before they are not considered a quality win? I mean we have 5 teams right that can make that claim right now!

  34. salty dog

    Carolina should not be ranked

  35. Caleb239

    Alabama was only 5-12 on 3rd downs against a high school team yesterday Alabama sucks period

  36. Eugene Hicks

    Who really cares who is ranked 22nd or 25th….with billions and billions of dollars at stake , man will always manipulate and attempt to influence outcomes to get their grubby little hands on a piece of that lucrative pie.. 🥸🦜

  37. Daniel Paoli

    If LSU 11-2 beats Georgia 12-1 in the SEC.
    Michigan/TCU go undefeated and win their conf, and Clemson and USC win out what is the CFP looking like?

    1. Michigan 13-0 B1G
    2. TCU 13-0 XII
    3. LSU 11-2 SEC
    4. USC 12-1 P12
    5. Georgia 12-1
    6. Ohio St 11-1

    But what about Clemson 12-1 ACC? Notre Dame ran the table against UNC, Clemson, Syracuse, and Boston College. In this scenario USC beats Notre Dame, so would Clemson have to eat that #7 spot behind the SEC loser and a 11-1 Ohio St/(Michigan depending on who won)

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