College Football Playoff SHAKE-UP?! Top 4 picks! | SportsCenter

Heather Dinich joins SportsCenter to discuss how the latest games impact the College Football Playoff rankings. Dinich expects Alabama, Michigan, Georgia and Cincinnati will round out the top four in the final rankings.
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Joel Klatt talks about the USC Trojans and their chances of making the College Football Playoff later this season. Coach Lincoln Riley and their offense have potential to send this team to the College Football Playoff.

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Can the USC Trojans be College Football Playoff bound this year? | The Joel Klatt Show

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  1. Florida

    1. SEC
    2. Alabama
    3. Drinkin moonshine out dat dur mealke jug
    4. Georgia
    5. Sabans toupee
    6. Wats a toupee?

  2. Landen Gallahar

    Funny she was right on her prediction

  3. J

    Cincinnati defense is coming for your freshman QB

  4. Jayme A

    BCS 2.0 is all this is. Lol I thought being undefeated meant something. Only if you’re in the SEC

  5. catalyst_99

    Georgia is not going to beat Bama in a span of 4 weeks.

  6. Apolo Estrada

    No question about it, Bama will win its 7th National Championship the last 13 years under Nick Saban. I hope this is not a "rat poison"

  7. Dan Schwartz

    It is time for michigan.

  8. Denis S.

    It should be
    Georgia should be five as they got beat down by bama.

  9. Denis S.

    Georgia getting in and losing by that much is rigged

  10. Jt Big

    Why does the sec get to play terrible non conference teams at the end of the season, when other top conference are playing the toughest conference games. This is what the other conferences are competing with. The sec plays bad teams to start the year while the other conferences have to schedule and play tough ranked non conference team to try and even the gap. But once the lose to the 2 ranked team in the country that are punished for it. The risk is way higher for everyone else

  11. Owen Simon

    I don’t buy that women for a second the vomited definitely wasn’t trying to have Georgia and Alabama rematch

  12. walter brown

    1. Alabama crimson Tide
    2. Michigan wolverines
    3 Cincinnati Bearcats
    4 Georgia bulldogs
    Since Georgia lost to Alabama they are the wild Card and they should play each other instead of staying up Alabama versus Cincinnati and Michigan versus Georgia see what happens when they get to the national championship 🏆 👍

  13. Ohio Against The World

    earlier this season when more B1G teams were ranked most of the year, I automatically KNEW the SEC was getting two teams in no matter what. ESecPN needs to remind folks just how important the SEC still is haha

  14. Desiree Balay

    1.Michigan 2.Alabama 3.Georgia 4.Cincy

    If cincy wasnt better than bama last week than they not better than georgia this week.

  15. Brett Wolven

    Anyone complaining about the rankings is an idiot. They chose correctly. If your baby team is so good "Michigan/Cinn" then just beat Alabama and Georgia then.

  16. RETUSAF95

    College football does not have a playoff, they have a beauty contest. The same thing they had for years. When they have a committee picking who plays it's not a playoff. Basketball does it right.

  17. Rodney Sanders

    This logic is so crazy. #1 lose, but number #2 stays #2? And the #3 team becomes #1… this is crazy logic. it should be:
    1. Mich
    2. Bama
    3. Cincy
    4. Georgia
    Anything else is just SEC Bias.

  18. mgt2010fla

    Which team had the best last two games? Michigan was the most dominate college football team in the last two games! Put GA and AL in the same game. Why give GA or AL a reward when both of those team didn't so great in one of their last two game!

  19. Troy Claerhout

    Michigan #1

  20. Wayneasiam62

    Saying the selection committee doesn't consider rematches is naive. They may want Baja and Georgia to meet in the semifinals so only one can be in the championship. I'd like to see Alabama play Cincinnati and Michigan play Georgia, then Alabama play Michigan in the championship. Personal choice.

  21. CFB ON FOX

    Do you think USC can be playoff bound?

  22. Fight On Trojans for ever

    USC is 10-1

  23. Fight On Trojans for ever

    anything's possible

  24. Pete Elliott

    USC cannot lose Williams, Addison OR Dye! If they do, it’s done this year. There’s still more variables, but that’s a good bet. In addition, if they continue to lead The FBS in takeaway margin, their chances go even higher. Will they win it all. Not a chance this year. They will be good enough to get it done next year or the year after. They are definitely on the rise. No rational person would deny that.

  25. Kelvin

    Everybody acts like Alabama is done winning National Championships, the reality is that they are not, because the top classes keep rolling in

  26. Kelvin

    Imo, the Trojans make the CFP this year!!!! They might, but, only if Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, or Clemson all lose a game

  27. Kelvin

    Addison was about to go to Alabama

  28. Kelvin

    USC was lucky Jordan Addison didn't end up in Tuscaloosa

  29. daniel allen

    Michigan and Notre Dame have both done it, so obviously anybody can, and just like them USC will get blown out by whatever SEC they get

  30. Terry Samuels

    USC is not good enough on defense. They are giving up 20 points and 381 yards a game! Lincoln Riley does not understand the concept of physicality.

  31. redsharpiemarker

    actually, uscs receiver group is deep. if addison goes down they still have so many playmakers. also miller moss would be starting at any other big program

  32. James Bond

    There’s a lot of hype for a team who hasn’t played anyone. Seems like Texas A and M hype.

  33. WeJuggernaut Entertainment LLC

    We can get there and we can win it!

  34. GG Rene

    Please USC, make the playoff so it can be bama, osu, clemson, and usc. No conf should ever have 2 teams in the CFP.

  35. Eugene Hicks

    Yes its simple. Playoffs Semi:
    USC vs Oklahoma
    Michigan vs Arkansas/Georgia
    USC vs Michigan

  36. Stephen Mras

    My god, USC has played Rice and Stanford. The stats are meaningless. Similarly, Florida was not a blueprint on how to beat Utah. Utah got robbed of a TD scored by Rising which was not reviewed. Utah also went for 2 points and failed, while going for 1 would have left them with a chip shot FG for a win. Basically Utah lost that game, Florida did not win it. USC's receivers will face Clark Phillips III who's projected as a 1st round pick and JT Broughton who has legit 4.3 speed. Will not be easy to beat that.

  37. Cornelius Dansby Jr

    No end of discussion next subject

  38. Didymus BenYahweh

    So far USC has played HS teams so of course they look good. Let's let the year play out. I think they should have a good chance to go undefeated in the Pac 12. The competition is subpar. The playoffs however will look like LSU vs OU and I'm sure nobody wants to see that.

  39. Joe Mac

    Their defense is also being helped by an efficient offense that keeps them off the field.

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