Who will claim the United States map and be the last college football team standing? Teams will take turns expanding their land by invading other colleges in simulated games of NCAA Football 23, which is the college football revamped mod on NCAA Football 14. Enjoy!

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247Sports Josh Pate is joined by Steve Wiltfong on National Signing Day to discuss the top college football team recruiting rankings and Andrew Ivins and Blair Angulo discuss which teams they feel may be underrated.

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  1. Bordeaux

    For any of you wondering why certain teams were picked over others, I made almost all of the choices by final record/ranking. Let me know all of the ways I can improve this, and if this video does well, I'll probably do it with all 126 teams 🙂

  2. Roey Burns

    This was amazing

  3. Dylan Ostlund

    Oregon is clear of Oregon State

  4. 聖なる天使


  5. noah_blaster123

    There is no way they were 2th so stupid

  6. noah_blaster123

    Boston college is so bad

  7. noah_blaster123

    This was rigged turn off injuries

  8. Amy Mills

    Do top 25 imperialism

  9. JC Memes

    Oregon st?! They might of win this year but Oregon has a better record in the civil war game

  10. GSmythe26

    I am a Mizzou Fan

  11. Matthew To

    Don’t jinks the dogs

  12. cubemaster plays

    Gotta do North Carolina imperialism

  13. Papa winz

    picking oregon state over oregon is crazy..

  14. Truthscaler Rodonovich

    your screwy you play a false game Boise State has the best of the personel so you dont know every thing. study the incoming players.. Mark my words mr>.

  15. Truthscaler Rodonovich

    ATm? Alabama.

  16. Grayson lingefelt

    Your channel is rigged you made your fav team beat the team you hate the most

  17. Sebastian Lopez

    You pick Mississippi state, ole miss would’ve been fun

  18. kj197734

    It's unbalanced. One team has to play multiple times to win land, while the next team has to play once to win a huge chunk of land. Teams should have to play at least once before anybody does a second game.

  19. Nascaracers

    How’d you get the map? How do you get it with all the teams?

  20. klonk

    we all know lsu is better than Tulane

  21. Sam Sykes

    Go Blue!🔵〽️

  22. Ray Ray

    4:00 shout out Vanderbilt the cupcake of the SEC getting into the top 50 in the nation…
    Anchors away…⚓

  23. J Wain

    USC at 15 is hilarious Riley left and one of the reasons he gave was that you can’t recruit top 5 classes at OU 😆

  24. Haleilei C

    D. Sanders vs Kirby, Nick ^^

  25. Tracking Nature

    Don't be suckered into thinking there are all legit real 5 stars, there are agents pushing to get their recruits ranked as high as possible for bigger NIL cash. It's a giant scam. half aren't legit 5 stars

  26. Bobby Smith

    Go Gamecocks!!!
    Beamer has South Carolina Heading in The Right Direction!!!👍👍👍

  27. Aniekeme Udoko

    Go Dawgs and Roll Tides… SEC we in it to win it……SEC football matter

  28. Mark

    Duce Robinson has people waiting on pins & needles

  29. Chris Doyle

    SKO BUFFS!!! Coach Prime killing it!!

  30. Jimmy Sexton

    Now we need elite coordinators to go with this elite incoming class, Roll Tide!!!

  31. JJ Realbay

    What I don't like is when the season is over and everything, why are they still changing the rankings. Seems like they're just giving Bama Five star players at this point because there where at least 3 recruits that gained 5 stars after committing to Alabama.

  32. Kyler Mayfield

    OU class is very balanced… The future excite me! BOOMER

  33. Benjamin Upchurch

    All the USC talking heads keep forgetting Oregon has nike money.


    Bama signing Nine 5 stars is insane

  35. Stephen Wainwright

    Alabama's got two more recruits than Georgia does. What if Georgia added two more recruits they might've had the number one class. Who knows?

  36. Tiick __

    Georgia on the way to a 3-peat!

  37. Stephen Wainwright

    Kirby smart's worst recruiting class he's had at UGA is # 6th and that was his first year as the head coach.

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