College Football Changes 2023 Schedule For Deion Sanders And Colorado ‼️

College Football Changes 2023 Schedule For Deion Sanders And Colorado ‼️

Colorado was scheduled to play TCU on Sept 2 as it’s first game but now it looks like it will be in August with Arizona State

The energy surrounding Colorado was everywhere so college football is trying to capitalize

What y’all think about this situation?

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  1. Suddfambullies

    The Arizona State game has already been canceled

  2. DaAbsolute TrueTv

    Week 1 he said it on tv

  3. Jimmer Trey

    Deion WNTS TO MOVE THE game.!! A horrible team does NOT pay a top 3 team non conference. Also Deion want a bye or a weak noncon opponent before Oregon like they do in the SEC. It’s Coach Prime who wants to change the game dude

  4. Elysian _ Fields

    Bring on the challenge(s)-(respectfully) with TCU! The score was 6-7 at halftime last year. C.U. lost but wasn't taken to the 'wood shed'.

  5. Kaizer Sozzay

    They moved to week zero because Deion wanted to avoid an ass kicking in his first game on National TV! Y’all just be saying anything. 😂

  6. Eric Sutton

    It took UGA years to get to this level, of at least 5 top 5 classes and some of y’all think if takes Colorado at lease 2 years, some fans are delusional like women, when it comes to common sense.

  7. T. S.

    This is not a done deal as stated in your clickbait. 🛑


    They already play ASU? I’m confused…

  9. Vee dub804

    That wouldn't be a good look because TCU was going to come to Boulder nobody wants to see ASU

  10. Kieran Sturdivant

    I just don’t want to watch it on fox

  11. Kevin gatlin

    That's a conference opponent!

  12. Critical Considerations

    You young people keep focusing on the "Prime Effect", you must adjust you lens and "dial in" to the God that created Deion Sanders. The Bible says that ,"Gifts and Calling are given without repentance" Romans 11:29-32. God is so God that he blesses whom he will, without explanation to any man. He blesses us even when we do not acknowledge Him or serve Him. You must not love the gift more than the giver. It is my prayer that many of you will seek to know more about Coach Prime's God. He is all in all. Without Him we are nothing.

  13. NIMROD

    If Colorado gets some fierce bisons on both sides on the line they will be contenders.

  14. Rodney register

    They save a week before they started get rip

  15. sbcane

    looks like it was denied. no week 0

  16. Dee Robinson

    We aren't changing the game because we're worried about TCU, the Pac 12 is changing it so that Prime's first game isn't going to be TV money in the Big 12's pocket, it will be money in the PAC 12's pocket by changing the first game to a Pac 12 opponent. But this makes it harder on CU because now we will have 2 road games to start.

  17. David Smith

    This is total cop out!! If you are who you say you are then why change the schedule unless you are truly afraid of the result. Weak.

  18. woden viking

    Cuz, You can't get above 4,110 subscribers riding the Reality show Prima Donna Prime affect ?

  19. woden viking

    What ? Prima Donna Prime Reality show scared of 65-7 Losing TCU? WTF ? Deion SCARED of getting dat arse spanked on Day ONE ! LOL ! Deion is a showboat and NOT a Head Coach.

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