College Football Betting Tips – NCAA Football Power Ratings – Beat the Line Movement in Sports

College Football Betting Tips – NCAA Football Power Ratings – Beat the Line Movement in Sports

College Football Betting Tips - NCAA Football Power Ratings - Beat the Line Movement in Sports

Tips for Betting College Football, NCAA Football Betting Strategy and using Football Power Ratings to beat the Vegas number is the topic on this episode of Sports Betting Tips from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas. TV host Kelly Stewart talks college football betting strategy with Vegas handicapping expert Bryan Leonard. Bryan has been betting sports for 30+ years and shares some of personal college football betting tips for the recreational bettor that can be used to help have a more profitable season.

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College Football Week 8 Picks and Odds | Top 25 College Football Betting Preview & Predictions

🏈 Week 8 of college football brings us the most Top 25 matchups to break down before Saturday’s action kicks off at Noon ET. Join Steve Merril as he takes a look at this Saturday’s best college football matchups with in-depth, useful betting market analysis. This week’s featured games include: #14 Syracuse at #5 Clemson; #9 UCLA at #10 Oregon; #20 Texas at #11 Oklahoma State; #24 Miss State at #6 Alabama; and #17 Kansas State at #8 TCU.

#NCAAF | #SportsPicks | #CollegeFootball

Introduction 00:00
#14 Syracuse at #5 Clemson (12 pm ET, ABC) 02:20
#9 UCLA at #10 Oregon (3:30 pm ET, FOX) 03:40
#20 Texas at #11 Oklahoma State (3:30 pm ET, ABC) 05:18
#24 Miss State at #6 Alabama (7 pm ET, ESPN) 08:55
#17 Kansas State at #8 TCU (8 pm ET, FS1) 11:10

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  1. Bojan Pap

    Just wanted to say you're doing an excellent job. Keep it up man

  2. S C

    I know I should know better than to go against you but I really like UCLA in this spot. Not only spread but moneyline as well with how good ucla has been. Good luck everyone!

  3. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." __Dale Carnegie

  4. Chet Tulp

    Thanks for the math model helps making decisions on who to bet on.

    Cut the hair! High and tight. Looks more professional.

    Always enjoy the shows.

  5. tony escobar

    Army -6, TCU -3, Kansas +10.5 against Baylor, Cincinnati -2.5 against SMU …I'm not putting money on the TX game but I will guess Oklahoma State will win.

  6. alkiviadis662950

    Like how he kinda picks both teams so nobody can pin him. He’s a professional bullshittor

  7. CThat

    To many guys like Steve Underrated!
    Hearing U & John Ryan last week was a head spinner!!
    Trends& Angles ARE great!
    I Just can’t Consistently till shit like that. Because as we all know those go bye-bye real quick!.
    College Football least known sport, Least followed & hard as hell to bet!

    Wow 9-1 too!
    Insane! I always look.
    Miami was a L also Steve.
    I had all picks submitted! Thought For sure Miami was IT also!

    BAMA Defense show up!?

  8. gioknows

    Hard to bet against my Orange but I think you're right this isn't a good spot for them…Good luck this week, Steve.

  9. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    "The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors." __Napoleon Hill

  10. jawilson vieira

    🧑‍💻 Keep it curly it suits you well and probably take a little bit on the sides!!!😉😎

  11. XRParabolic

    I'm going with SYRACUSE!

  12. Joe Schlosser

    I’m SURE giants will be top fade the public team tomorrow!! I’m all over Jax!!

  13. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." _Ralph Nader

  14. Jim Williams

    Not a Top 25 matchip but I am looking forward to watching my Buckeyes lay 40+ on Iowa and then watching Michigan fans make excuses for why they couldn't score like that…love your videos Steve. Good luck and God bless!

  15. iowadan17

    Is Cincinnati gonna run all over smu.. yea smu can throw, but ucf ran and ran and ran.. so did navy.. I wanna bet that so bad, but Cincinnati qb… and smu secondary transfered before the ucf game

  16. iowadan17

    Last week I have u shit and I was wrong. This week we are opposite too lol. My best bet is ohio st. 1H And tt.. 42-0 at half

  17. Muhammad Jomha

    Steve I'm sure you've realized this since but I've heard you say they kick the extra pt in OT in the NFL in reference to the TCU non push, but they don't kick the extra point in the NFL either

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