Cian Ducrot – I'll Be Waiting (Lyrics)

Cian Ducrot – I'll Be Waiting (Lyrics)

Cian Ducrot - I'll Be Waiting (Lyrics)

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🎡 Cian Ducrot – I’ll Be Waiting
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  2. @eloisestannard_xo

    My fav song at the moment x❀

  3. @DustyWilliams-pq2yc

    Till u talking bout iding me and "next week" And Disney

  4. @user-mi4sn3wy3c

    I am a mess have been for years now i only addef to heart breack and pain😒

  5. @melanieaguilar8850

    Anyone 2024😊❀


  6. @hunterbrown3002

    Cep it up

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    Say yasss if u here in 2024

  9. @user-xq8wm9fh5k

    The best song ❀

  10. @cutekittycat4816

    And the pain comes right back again 😒

  11. @MelissaGarcia-qr3os

    I love love when he does it with a choir random placeβ€πŸŽ‰

  12. @ntingletstacy3977

    Thank u IG😊❀

  13. @hunterbrown3002

    Your my favorite sanger

  14. @user-ox1yr8kn1p

    ❀❀ wow

  15. @28boby

    Hey guyz fuck tik tok ❀ and be yourself!!

  16. @annascerri4848

    Beautiful song ❀

  17. @charnelangley9459

    Can you be at my wedding please

  18. @amandaclayton2284

    I’m here because I listen to the radio like normal people and looked rest of his songs up

  19. @lashaymalachi1487

    This the best song in the world to me this the inspiration ppl need to hear in todays time thank you for this song

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