Chelsea & Manchester United both make offers for Marcel Sabitzer – Deadline Day

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Join us live as Jamie Carragher & Paul Merson discuss the latest transfer news on Deadline Day.

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  1. Jonas Loïc


  2. Jonas Loïc


  3. 338 LM

    Sean Dyche must be a masochist taking the job at Everton.

  4. 338 LM

    Paul Merson talks utter rubbish about Sabitzer.
    He clearly knows little to nothing about the player.
    He claims that Sabitzer is way off getting in the Bayern team 🤣🤣🤣
    "He is way of getting in their first team"
    "He is no where near getting in their first team"
    What a 🤡
    I guess that is why Sabitzer has played in 24 games for Bayern this season.
    Yes, he has been subbed in many times, but he still has been in the starting XI for Bayern in 11 of those games.
    If that is not pushing, then I really would like to know what the "expert" Paul Merson calls pushing.

    I find it hilarious how Paul Merson desperately tries to downplay Sabitzer and his abilities.
    And then he hypes up Jorghino that is a reject from a crap Chelsea team.
    Buying Jorghino is great business from Arsenal, but loaning Sabitzer when Eriksen is injured, is panic.
    If Arsenal had bought or loaned Sabitzer, Paul Merson would have praised it to be the greatest January transfers in the Premier League in many years.

    The clown Paul Merson is totally unable to be objective for a single second when he talks about Arsenal and their rivals.
    Not that he talks much sense on other subjects anyway.
    It is like listening to Graeme Souness.
    They are both clowns that have made a career of talking pure provocative nonsense.
    They have both gotten to old and the time has run away from then when it comes to football and they both clearly understand and know very little about football and players these days.

  5. 338 LM

    It is amazing to listen to how much nonsense Paul Merson manages to say in a short time.

  6. Kin.S C

    Paul Merson is a clown who talk rubbish. Joginho and Sabitzer. One going to Aresnal another to ManUtd. One is an outstanding buy for Arsenal another is a Panic buy for ManUtd. 🤣 Let see who perform better then!.

  7. Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus

    “Police have said sorry”
    “First time ever”
    And to think he English empire used to rule the world 😂😂😂 🤡

  8. Milo Hannah

    Ronaldo is the g.o.a.t.

  9. John

    When players pick Southampton over Everton something is badly wrong , mind you the supporters don't help , !!!!

  10. RL

    Jamie doesn't seem to realise that Jorginho was the conductor behind Napoli playing the most beautiful, fast and vertical form of possession in Europe at Napoli. The Sarri project was obviously abandoned prematurely and he had to adapt to negative coaches like Tuchel who wanted defensive possession. Jorginho's forward thinking has been suppressed for a while, but he's still up there for progressive passing compared to all midfielders in the top 5 leagues. He will most likely flourish in that Arsenal side who are faster and forward thinking, especially with someone like Partey alongside him and the creative onus placed on that trio of Ødegaard, Martinelli and Saka in front. Either that or agent Jorginho will ping 60 yard own goals every week.

  11. Jenny Byford

    The lass who interviewed Carragher voice was awful. Went right through me, had my earphones on walking the dogs.
    Got to be better options out there.

  12. Jason Purdie

    Just overdoing it now we just want transfers not all this crap

  13. FPL Brian

    Why you broadcasting in the foyer?

  14. Sean bruno

    Chelsea just want everyone ffs think they got enough ffs face and they still won't win anything they need new manager if anything

  15. Victor Lugosi

    OMG, White people on sky sports? I thought England was 100% black, based on sky and bbc news.

  16. Joey O'hare

    Paul Mearson is an idiot, so Eriksen gets injured and his solution would be to do nothing, wow genius makes sense why he's behind a desk

  17. Ali

    Hahah chelsea sitting 10th thinking they big timers

  18. Mahendra Kumar Periasamy

    If kitchen sink can play football Todd will buy it

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