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  1. Matt SB

    Share your predictions below 💭
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  2. Andrew Gwilt

    You’re not far off from reaching 40k subscribers.

  3. Dean Roberts

    Based on correct results alone. This is how it finished.

    Me 6 Matt 8 Soph 8

  4. Lee Felton

    Any predictions for Tuesday games 😉

  5. Lee Felton

    Thank goodness someone who gives teams credit North End fan and you both got correct score ✌️⚽️⚽️

  6. Gary Tomas

    Millwall got thumped by the mighty whites

  7. Andrew Denny

    Leeds were always winning, top 2 for sure!

  8. Joseph Billingsley

    Sunderland did win Queens Park Rangers 3.1 tho

  9. Darren Lamb

    Great prediction for PNE vs Plymouth.

  10. Andy Jones Andy

    Yo Matt Sophie, love ya predictions and respect to Sophie kicking ya butt 😂😂😂 However I think you guys needs to be daring on ya scores, need a few wacko predictions like 3/4 nils etc STOP sitting on the fence 😂😂😂 be daring and roofless.I mean I had Southampton to beat Sunderland 4-0 😂😂😂 how wrong was I….

  11. Brian Ashton

    Hull 1 cov 1
    Southampton 1 Leicester 4
    Blackburn 2 boro 0
    Bristol City 1 wba 1
    Huddersfield 2 Rotherham 1
    Norwich 2 stoke 0
    Preston 1 Plymouth 0
    Qpr 1 Sunderland 2
    Sheffield Wednesday 1 Ipswich 3
    Cardiff 1 Swansea 1
    Millwall 1 Leeds 2
    Watford 2 Birmingham 1

  12. Bcfc 187

    1 nil blues take that 💙 Stansfield to score

  13. Jebb Morgan

    Don't think anyone could have called Southampton losing 4-1 to Leicester City

  14. Arnold Thompson

    Both nailed the Hull City Coventry City 1-1 prediction

  15. David Redgrift

    Wolves 0 Liverpool 2
    Aston Villa 2 Crystal Palace 1
    Fulham 3 Luton 1
    Man United 1 Brighton 1
    Tottenham 3 Sheff United 0
    West Ham 1 Man City 3
    Newcastle 2 Brentford 1
    Bournemouth 0 Chelsea 2
    Everton 1 Arsenal 2
    N Forrest 2 Burnley 1

  16. Jebb Morgan

    The premier league returns tomorrow and the championship returns tonight!!

  17. Bhodisatvas

    I see a cov draw too. I think what you said is true, we are going to get stronger, we will dominate in the 2nd half of the season and back in the playoffs I think.

  18. M G

    As long as Coventry pick up the three points at Hull, I'll be a happy chap come the end of this weekend. Unfortunately, Hull are so good right now, winning at Blackburn and Leicester, beating Sheffield Wednesday at home, unlucky to lose at Norwich, they look so good, and Coventry look ok, but still inconsistent. Still think we can give Hull a game though, I'm going to be optimistic and go for Hull 1-1 Coventry.

  19. Maestro

    I think we win 1-3. Hull are decent, but I just think we are due to roll someone

  20. Matt SB

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  21. mark Crawley

    cov win and hyam keeps blackburn from getting 3 points !!!! what a day

  22. John James

    Some good predictions here. Sophie's 0-3 for the mighty Swans bang on the money.

  23. Nigel Speller

    My first thought Cov 2-1

  24. Nigel Speller

    Blackburn v Millwall May 8 th could be a big game 🎮 n Coventry's season

  25. Bhodisatvas

    You called it Matt 2-1 😁👍

  26. Rob Beales

    Well done Coventry into the six ( Hull fan 👍)

  27. Kevin Martin Dempsey

    Is there a bigger gap in quality from Championship To Premiership or from League One To Championship?


    Leg 1 at Wembley= Burnley (Championship Current Leaders) VS Plymouth Argyle (League One Current Leaders)

    Leg 2 at Wembley= Burnley (Championship Current Leaders) VS Arsenal (Premiership Current Leaders)

    I predict…

    Burley 3 VS 1 Plymouth
    Burnley 0 VS 4 Arsenal

    Burnley lose 3-5 on aggregate

    So on the balance I say a bigger depth of quality from Championship to Prem

  28. fabian

    Coventry karma ….

  29. Joseph Billingsley

    Don't agree with use say sunderland to get beat

  30. Zakir Hull

    Handball from the keeper

  31. Ted Tucker

    Its nice people actually talking about the championship and come on Luton

  32. Nigel Speller

    Only saying the shirt is fantastic guessing that is the home one

  33. Conall Homer

    Come on you baggies

  34. Antony Ware

    Hull could do well next season

  35. Antony Ware

    Life must be much less stressful following a team in a one club City. Blades fan. Don’t know why I’ve written that, just thinking out loud 😂

  36. Andrew Gwilt

    The Premier League won’t see 2 teams at the bottom to be relegated including Southampton and Leicester City. And Wigan Athletic and Blackpool to be relegated to League One and Sheffield United getting automatic promotion back to the Premier League.

  37. Millwall on tour

    2 1 🦁 COYL

  38. NinoOvCov

    Brum 3-0 Blackpool
    Bristol 1-2 Roth
    Burnley 4-0 QPR
    Cardiff 3-2 Stoke
    Cov 1-0 Reading. Come on Cov!
    Hull 2-1 Watford
    Norwich 0-2 Swansea
    Wigan 0-1 Millwall
    Preston 1-2 Darkburn 😡 they like the dark arts dont they?
    Wba. 0-0 Sunderland
    Luton. 1-1. Midd

  39. Adxm edits

    Sophie has more ball knowledge than you Matt😂 Blackburn to take the 3 points at deepdale on Saturday. Up the blues🔵⚪️🔵⚪️

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