CFP Rankings No. 8-25 REVEALED | ESPN College Football

Rece Davis, Joey Galloway, Kirk Herbstreit and Greg McElroy react to CFP Rankings No. 8-25.

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  1. ot34t

    ESPN-SEC Bias Projected Ranking: 1) Georgia 2) Ohio St 3) Tennessee 4) Bama

    Realistic Projec/Rank: 1) Oh St 2) Clemson 3) Georgia 4) TCU


    Fight on

  3. Timothy Frederick

    There are no super conferences this season.Just a couple of top heavy divisions.I agree with Pollack on Alabama.Ewers doesn't get hurt that's a loss.Texas A&M was at their 2 yard line with a chance to win.The Aggies are terrible this year.

  4. A Fool

    1-9 are all undefeated or with only loss… except of course the special SEC teams.
    2 Loss LSU at #6 (2 BAD losses)
    2 loss Bama at #8
    Alabama barely scraped by 4 loss Texas, and TCU just HANDLED Texas no problem.

    SEC bias is out of control 🤡 Can't wait for a 12 team playoff

  5. Aaron Mattox

    Geez, what stadium isn't hostile to the opposing team? Alabama just lost. Accept it and move and it had nothing to do with the stadium.

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    "You can do anything, but not everything." —Anonymous

  7. Chris Endsley

    Hey David, Alabama shouldn't be there? I could think 4 or 5 teams ranked ahead of them that would be dogs against them on a neutral field in Vegas. What say you?

  8. matt87

    UCLA just has to be at USC, then USC beat Utah and the PAC 12 implosion will be complete

  9. Desmond Montgomery

    Still can't believe that Clemson is under a 2 loss and 3 loss teams. Ik our offense is struggling with the quarterback when DJ is not playing well but we can do better than under Alabama and LSU

  10. Corey Elliott

    Utah still has a chance

  11. Silus

    Alabama played on the road against Tennessee, LSU, Ole Miss, and Texas. All good home teams. Who else is playing this kind of schedule??

  12. bee lee

    Kirk is the joker always comes up with the most ludicrous excuses for Alabama he’s satisfied with the committee rankings. Hey Kirk get a clue dude

  13. Eloy Anzualda

    Again more disrespect for the Florida Gators. Shame.

  14. bee lee

    Kirk just sit there with a straight face and lie the camera give Alabama a mulligans by saying Alabama lost by a field goal in a hostile environment. This dude Kirk absolutely joke embarrassment to his profession.

  15. J. Thompson

    Can't believe Coastal Carolina isn't ranked.

  16. Travis Pogue

    Alabama is ranked number 8 and totally out the picture yet some people still got to b** and complain…

  17. What's Holden Up

    Coastal Carolina was snubbed

  18. chuckg4812

    How the heck is NC state in the top 50, let alone 25

  19. Green Light Von

    The fact NC State just lost to a 2-7 BC team and is still ranked just shows how much of a joke this committee is.

  20. BROK

    Honestly crazy that Oklahoma State is still ranked imo

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