CFP Rankings No. 1-6 REVEALED | ESPN College Football

Rece Davis, Joey Galloway, Kirk Herbstreit and David Pollack react to CFP Rankings No. 1-6 for Week 14.

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  1. Brian Griffin

    Bama Volts and Utah in front of Clemson is showing the lack of respect this school gets….unbelievable

  2. schoc13

    the Dawgs don’t have no cake walk to the championship, remember, Bama has their number! Ohio state won’t be a pushover! you could see a rematch of OSU and Michigan in the finals!!

  3. Elizabeth Robinson

    Stop hating on Alabama win or lost you got something bad to say get off bama

  4. erik puka

    Big 10 outside of Michigan has sucked these past 2 yrs

  5. Randy Ward

    ESPN is the most biased media in College football. It is driven by one thing; hatred for Alabama and all Southern teams. Never seen anything like it. Ohio State is the most over ranked team in the nation, year after year.

  6. Rebekah Withakay - Adoptee Honesty

    Let’s go Blue! It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine.

  7. Jason (Booberry83)

    OSU will crack #4 because people want them in there. OSU is a brand name and can shred any team including Georgia.

  8. bawben1979 sinsap

    That ending was definitely worth the wait

  9. Coach Nate

    Bama should not be top 6

  10. LijahSandZ Producer

    I was looking for J- State

  11. Najee Watson

    This is actually perfect USC could upset in the playoffs and win it big if tho. I think Georgia repeats and beats Michigan in the championship tho

  12. Lee Jones

    bama shouldn't be there!!

  13. satanhue1

    Atlanta Georgia is definitely neutral for Georgia Oregon; in fact it was definitely more of a home game for Oregon. s/

  14. Josh White

    Tennessee should be 6

  15. Kenny Porterfield

    Alabama being 6 is silly.

  16. A Fool

    Alabama at #6 is a joke. 2 losses (to teams that just KEEP losing), and who has Alabama beaten all year? a 4 loss Texas… and barely beat a 4 loss Texas… that's it. ZERO resume.

    Tennessee, LSU, and Bama are ALL over rated, and all because of the undeserved Bama bias.

  17. Ben Cook

    OSU does not want to lose against Alabama! They want to lose against Tennessee!
    TCU and USC will lose.
    GO BLUE!

  18. Lv6 Slime

    I always found it weird that the top 4 slots could change when all 4 are playing in their conference championships while the #5 and #6 teams just sit by and not have to risk any injuries by not having an extra game being counted against them

  19. John T

    If Michigan loses Alabama jumps Ohio State. Then it is up to Utah and K State to give an L to USC and TCU.

  20. ISJST

    Ohio State played EIGHT (8) Home Games and still couldn't run the table. 😂🤣

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