CBB 1/19/2023 NCAA College Basketball Betting Spread & Total Picks/Predictions (January 19th, 2023)

CBB 1/19/2023 NCAA College Basketball Betting Spread & Total Picks/Predictions (January 19th, 2023)

CBB 1/19/2023 NCAA College Basketball Betting Spread & Total Picks/Predictions (January 19th, 2023)

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Cousin Jared and Professor Sides give #CBBPicks for select #CBB games on Thursday, January 19th, 2023

LESSON PLAN: Rutgers at Michigan State (4:51), James Madison at Troy (6:56), Michigan at Maryland (9:06), Loyola Marymount at Gonzaga (12:40), UCLA at Arizona State (15:50), Saint Mary’s at Pepperdine (19:24), Charleston at Monmouth (21:56)

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  1. Adrian Wilde

    Maryland fs. Good at home. Lost to UCLA AND TENNESSE. Michigan played out of there mind last time and Maryland played there worst game lol

  2. James Saunders

    I too can't wait for baseball! Do you have your opening day picks ready yet?

  3. Ivetta Abramyan

    Nah Cousin Jared, we actually weren't wondering that. Some of us enjoy college basketball

  4. Greg Kendrick

    Great day for michgian today. Spartans and wolverines both win i hope🙏

  5. Nolan Schrank

    Hit on a nice 7 team parlay last night.. had to sweat it out lol
    I had all ML
    St. Louis
    St. Bonaventure
    Texas A&M
    San Diego st

    Let’s get it today everyone!

  6. Carlon Peterson

    Who will have a better scoring game Trayce Jackson or Jalen hood schifino ….Illinois gives the most points up to Gaurds

  7. Daryl Gholson

    I love the Saint Mary’s under, Charleston, UCLA, Georgia Southern, Sacramento St., OREGON ST. 👀…

  8. Daryl Gholson

    I really like Rutgers over for the danger lol 😂. But it’s not at the rack… they have allowed points to lessor offenses. Over lol

  9. For the Doggies Guitars

    I'll roll the dice on Rutgers ML over Michigan State. Let's get that scratch. Time to dig another hole in the backyard. Thanks, Professor and Cousin Jared.

  10. Andrew Marlin

    Love the content! Riding with you on JMU Troy under and anti-Monmouth picks

    LMU is Portland and Pepperdine level. Gonzaga too easily smokes them at home by 20+ for me to feel good about mid-teens amount of pts

    Not featured but my favorite pick tomorrow is Rice +10.5 against North Texas

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