Brick by Brick: Basketball: USA vs France

An animated reconstruction of highlights of the USA’s first match of the tournament, in which the favourites beat France 98-71. The American team of multimillionaires includes Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and (with his trademark white headband) LeBron James, while the French side features fellow NBA stars Kevin Seraphin, Nicolas Batum, Boris Diaw and the goggles-wearing Tony Parker
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Join Blippi and the Basketball star, Andre Drummond in this fun video for kids! Blippi learns all about the sport Basketball and more. In this compilation episode, your child will learn all about staying active, sports, and keeping healthy
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00:00 Blippi x Andre Drummond
22:27 Blippi Visits a Baseball Stadium
48:34 Blippi’s Go Kart Race
58:41 Blippi Plays Bubble Soccer – Learn Opposites

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  1. William King

    where did you get those decals

  2. muundooy

    why would someone were eyeglasses while plying basketball

  3. somedudenamedmilan

    2 Star Wars Minifigs at 1:04

  4. Jacob Dobbins

    This video is awesome I loved LeBrons shot.

  5. Doriel Fonseca


  6. giraffeinthesky

    lols SANDY CHEEKS is always sitting in the front row 🙂 she's a DEDICATED SPORTS FAN! XD

  7. Lewis Wake

    Lol i've got this video on my 3DS on Nintendo Video 😀

  8. Werner Lustik

    its goooooooooooood

  9. PttyBlue43

    0:28 storm trooper in crowd

  10. MrPlaid

    @lab49 Well this video has been selected for nintendo video.

  11. Mark Rodrigues

    ninjago in the crowd 😀

  12. Ryan Hill

    How comes on the last shot the ball moves away after the scored but in the replay it didn't

  13. Conor Brown

    Statue of liberty at top balcony!

  14. shane hendrix

    is it just me or does brick form of them make them look shorter

  15. Zac Star Thomas

    Why is the animation so slow, juddery and jumpy.This could be so much better!

  16. アンジコ


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