Bracket tips: The art of picking a March Madness sleeper

Bracket tips: The art of picking a March Madness sleeper

Bracket tips: The art of picking a March Madness sleeper

Picking a sleeper in your March Madness bracket is critical to success. There are always several teams like this that advance far into the NCAA tournament. We’ve got bracket tips from NCAA’s Autumn Johnson for your NCAA tournament bracket.

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  1. Beth Lima

    The woozy nic causally polish because cherry summatively coach despite a capable morocco. adhesive, necessary representative

  2. Matt Martinez

    Utah State is my sleeper team this year

  3. Hound Of Justice

    Rate my final 4: Gonzaga vs Uconn and Purdue vs Oklahoma State

  4. Moses Perin

    LSU is the big sleeper this year in my opinion. They have one of the best offenses in the country and are an 8 seed.

  5. SmittyYT

    Who else is so excited to fill out their bracket?

  6. Pops Media

    1:00 isnt true in 2019 the lowest seed was auburn at 5

  7. Trey Tindell

    As a KState fan this video hurt to watch.

  8. HyDra stan

    Y’all sleeping on Colgate

  9. Asher Smith

    Oregon could be a sleeper

  10. Marcus Harris

    Duke all the way 😂😂😂

  11. Levi Weltin

    Kansas is tricky this year

  12. Carter Thomas

    Ultimate sleeper, 1983 Wolfpack 🐺

  13. Iisa Cruz

    Watch out for San Diego State, elite Defence, experienced team (starts 4 srs. And 1 Jr.) Can shoot the 3, great head coach and coaching staff! 50-6 last two years. Go AZTECS!!

  14. Easty

    spin a wheel people trying to to tell you

  15. bzay7

    Shockers always slept on.

  16. Justin


  17. Riley Denning

    Oregon…. they should be like a 5 seed, they are gonna end up like a 10 seed

  18. Zachary Pizzuto

    UConn easily has the ability to reach the final four, definitely a sleeper

  19. G. Alistar

    Live by the three, die by the three. 3-3-3-3-

  20. Brad the Rad Gaming

    WOO DAMN PIG!!! How you feel about picking Arkansas to lose to Texas Tech now!!!! And we beat your team oral Roberts, 😂😂😂

  21. Ivan 13

    Whos here when the final four is announced

  22. Kyler Wethington

    Well fuck you kris for being a duke fan
    I’m kiddin love the vid

  23. Zranders

    Oral Roberts in the sweet 16

  24. Ryan Wade

    I picked oral Robert’s to beat Ohio state

  25. Jacob Hoderlein

    You don’t know hoops

  26. D3 Gillum

    Baylor winning it

  27. Lil Venom JJReap

    I said Gonzaga going all the way. My homie picked Illinois and they got eliminated lmao

  28. rebecca doster

    Yessssssssss sssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! I love march madness!!!!!!!

  29. JP Highlights

    5:27 do you hear that noise in the background?

  30. Jim bob

    Loyola Chicago is going to the final 4 wild guess

  31. Simon Young

    fam, i’m from wichita i never knew you went there representing the 316! much respect

  32. Gavin Korfine

    This Didnt age well

  33. Gmolke7

    Whos here after Oral Roberts won twice

  34. Riverbandits8u Winterworkouts

    Who’s hear after Illinois lost

  35. Alyssa C

    osu did not age well for kris’ final 4

  36. Hi

    Who here when Arkansas won it all

  37. MrNugbys •

    Who’s here after SYR is in the sweet 16

  38. Aiden McGavran

    My upset is ogen beating lower

  39. Brandon Fetter

    kris shoulda been born 2 days later to be birthday twins with me

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