Both Teams to Score Predictions | Ultimate Strategy to Win Your BTTS Predictions.

Both teams to score predictions

What is BTTS PREDICTIONS – It simply implies both teams to score. We have the both teams to score predictions YES/NO

FOR both teams to score predictions YES – You are predicting that both teams will score

FOR both teams to score predictions NO – You are predicting that the both teams will not score

We have a video that explains more about the both teams to score predictions betting options

Click here to watch that –

For the purpose of this video we will be looking at the btts betting strategy to use when picking both teams to score

#1 when both teams needs a win
#2 when two strong attacking teams are playing
#3 when two defensively weak teams are playing
#4 when it’s a derby match

Now let’s look at each both teams to score strategy

#1 Strategy is When both teams needs a win – Teams that needs a winning are more likely to attack more which will eventually allow them to score than playing a defensive game.

#2 Strategy is when two strong attacking teams are playing- Teams that are having good attacking force are likely to score more goals, hence when two teams that have this face each other there tend to be goal scored by both teams. Teams like PSG, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich just to mention a few

#3 Strategy is when two defensively weak teams are playing there tends to be lot of goals conceive by both teams

#4 Strategy is when it’s a derby match. Derby games are always likely to end with more goals being scored because both teams are out to win which means both teams will always attack

In summary here 5 are factors to consider when placing a both team to score bets

#1 – Each Teams Attack
#2 – Each Teams Defense
#3 – Current form of both teams playing
#4 – Players Motivation/Morale
#5 – The Team Playing Style


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